Just One!

When we think of drive thru’s we think of biggy shakes and french fries.  Mind you, I love a hot Micky D’s french fry as much as the rest of us American hard working peeps.  But at what point does not slowing down and giving our body, mind and spirit what it craves excuse us from doing the EVERYDAY ron de’ vu’s (Spelling) of stress eating and allow us the right to cram ourselves with processed, fried, gluten filled, foods that are killing us much less our kids.

So, no, this first post is NOT about the Golden Arch’s (or Arch for that matter since lately I have noticed the maintenance around the McD’s has lessened and most of the Arch lights are out reflecting a single arch in the night sky…lol!).  But, my crucial point is that I too, have fallen prey to living life so fast, so MINDLESS, that I almost stroked the hell out!  So as my Scorpio passion grew to find ways to help other people PUSH through the pangs of life in our culture I decided to just stop the madness, get out of my corporate job and trust in the grace of God to come out from among them (or us) and be ye’ separate.  Or at least separate in the fact that I could encourage you just to make one positive change in your life at a time.  Just one!

By making one small change each day and relaxing your thoughts and emotions and maybe only having one fry vs. super-size or just taking one minute today to reflect on your heart center, your life line or your love and passion for others, you’ll get as excited as I am about finding a happy place in your life like the McD’s play land w/o the calories.  So, join me in the ups and downs of life experiences and let’s journey together for a change.  Who’s Ready?

4 thoughts on “Just One!

  1. Love it! A place to center, and focus on discovering the healthy temple within. Question for you…what do you know or factor in about Leptin Resistance??

    1. Kim! Great question. This gives me an opportunity to review something I have never heard of before so thank you! From what I can tell Leptin factors are the body’s chemical process of telling you you are full or satisfied. With the resistance to Leptin our body does not signal that we are full therefore the chemical process and breakdown for nutrients is not properly exercised. It appears that Leptin Resistance can also be triggered by those that have a high fructose intake or possibly high Triglycerides. Have you had a full blood lipid panel?

      Much of diet and exercise basics are common sense if we look at the colors of the rainbow. Eating at least 7 colorful natural foods can certainly start stimulate a reverse effect on chronic obesity. There are 7 colors in the rainbow and 7 colors of the light spectrum as well. By using Color Therapy in food choices makes looking for fruits and veggies a fun and exciting game especially with our young children. Apples- RED, Blueberries- BLUE, Oranges- ORANGE of course, Banana’s-YELLOW, Broccoli- GREEN, Grapes- Purple or Indigo, and Eggplant-Violet or Purple. The more we can add the Rainbow Effect in our diet, the better our bodies will react to any hormone deficiency.

  2. Cool description of the colors, I hadn’t really thought of it like that 🙂 I’ll make sure I shop and eat the rainbow from here on out!

  3. Reblogged this on it's me! holly goodyear and commented:

    Here it is! MY FIRST BLOG! And on the even of the 2 year anniversary of starting “It’s Me. Holly Goodyear.” I can say, yesterday I almost let my annual subscription lapse. I mean, who wants to spend $99 on something no one is following right? Wrong, I do. I can safely say that my ups and downs in writing have been safely monitored here by the changing evolution of me as a person. And in all of the changes of life, this one thing rings true. I am still me, Holly Goodyear, although I am ready to legally change my name. And I really think I may just do that. At least at some point. Eleanor has patiently been waiting to state her peace. So, instead of saying fare thee well on the even of the 2 year birth day of this blog, I renewed it. Too bad to those who don’t like what I have to say and hooray to those that do. I always mean well and I always mean truth. My daily truth is established right at that moment, I hit Post! Namaste!

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