7 Day Color Challenge!

So, during my new studies of Holistic and Integrated Wellness, there is a chapter on Color Therapy.  As many of you may know, Colors invoke certain brain responses based on mental emotions and was used in Ancient Egyptian times within their healing temples.  So for the next 7 days, consider this your 1 minute class on “colors.” (especially you ladies who have more face products than Cleopatra:-)

RED- (YES!)- Sexual Passions, Excitement, High Energetic Output, and also…beware…Anger!  Red is the base color of the Light Spectrum and the Rainbow as well as represents our Base Chakra!  (your bum side!)  Red tends to activate all of your 5 senses.

So for those of you who love that Red Lipstick, beware when wearing….you may just end up kissing it off!  That, makes someone very HAPPY!  Enjoy!

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