The Color of the Day IS…………Orange you wanting to know?!?!

Well, as I depart from the Minot Airport in ND, it gives me opportunity to write.  Such a bitter sweet departure and as I look out the window and it is cloudy.  So, I pull out of my little orange handbag, an Orange.  (well, ok, a clementine but let’s not get too caught up on semantics!)  

The Color Orange always excites me.  It is Fun and Vibrant.  I have found that in trying to combat stress eating out of boredom or moving through life too fast, that peeling a clementine or two and savouring that juicy inside is quite the combatant for craving sweets or carbs.  If you look closely at the pieces as you tear them apart you can see such a beautifully created piece of art work made by our Creator.  

Orange represents our Sacral Chakra.  (the lower belly)….The need for emotional expression, the need for warmth, courage and optimism.  The Color Orange can raise our pulse rate without raising our Blodd Pressure.  As you look deeply into the Color Orange, you can envision the beauty of the mighty Sunset.  Have you been able to close your eyes over the last few days and let the warmth of the Sun going down reflect on your face?  Next time you see the sun setting on your horizon, stop and ask yourself, how does this make me feel?  And if you start to get a sense of bubbling in your heart and tummy, know it is optimism rising or “setting” in your being.  Peel away at those negative emotions and embrace the warmth that Orange can bring.  HAPPY PEELING!

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