It’s the Yellow House!

Louisville Kentuckiana’s know today is a HOT HOT Monday.  But along with the heat is the bright Sun.  At times, the Sun’s heat can be a misery especially for those working outdoors.  But the Color Yellow is more to us psychologically.  In our thoughts, we can focus on the Color Yellow to strengthen us.  Yellow is a color that can help raise your emotions to a higher state of clarity.  Yellow promotes thinking and happiness and removes apathetic or depressed thoughts.  

When an expecting mother-to-be and father-to-be decide not to find out the gender of the baby to come, they will use Yellow as the Primary Color to celebrate this new life.  For me, it is exciting to describe my home to new visitors, and say “It’s the Yellow House”!  What a warm and inviting color when mixed with several other colors of the spectrum so today, seek out something Yellow in a different way.   When our troops come home we find the Yellow Ribbon round the Old Oak Tree.  Yellow is welcoming.  Think about using yellow when decorating open spaces.  What do you see around you right now, that is Yellow?  Seek and Ye’ Shall Find!  

2 thoughts on “It’s the Yellow House!

  1. A beautiful yellow and ancient blue butterfly posted itself outside my kitchen door this morning, funny, the same new colors I have chosen for my new kitchen. How awesome God is!!!!!!!!

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