Day 4 Crayon Reference! Um’ My Favorite!…….GREEN!

Do you every look at a word such as Crayon and really look at the Letters?  What is sound like????  Cray-un?  I think virtually all of us say it that way South of the Board.  Mexico?  No-No……Ken-tucky!  This part of the Year Kentucky is beautifully Green.  Green like Money???  YUM.  Like the Yum Center?  No-No- GrREEN LIKE GRASS!  Lush, Rich, Descriptive, Healing, Peace and Balance, and even a reliever in Tension.  Focusing on Green makes you squint just a little as it darkens from the Yellow to the Blue Hue.  Can you see it?  Close your Eyes……How bout now?  Follow me Below if you want to join tomorrow and get a class A description of a Color!  Caio!  Thank you for Reading!!

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