And the Color Is………..Blue! Like my Toes!

Today I dressed myself as I normally do as a grown Adult, and I noticed I had picked Blue for my Toenails, a Blue Shirt and Blue Drwals.  (Only Country Gals Know how to Say that!).  

And then, as I marched my way through the morning, and I realized my Color for Today is Blue.  And off I went on a journey to do ‘the day”.  

As events of the hour passed one by one, my list of to-do’s keep growing.  I pull out a Post-it, I write down the chores, I go to the store, I come back, and have missed a thing or …..yup…two.  


Well, then I pull out another Post-It and Begin Again.  Round and Round the day just goes and we huff and puff but do we Blow the House Down?  

What if Blue, which is also spelled Blew, Was a Sadness.  There are many people in the world who are just Blue.  Not Horrible…. just Blue or down.  But Depression creeps in over time and then we are more than just Blue, we are Mad!  Not just a little Mad but Angry.  But for what?  

Today Blue- is going to represent to you a new thing………Relaxation, Serenity.  Blue also brings us Spirituality and Calmness, Loyalty and images of the Ocean or Sky.   Blogs may be short and soon there will be Many but I hope that ONE person reading this understands the difference in being Blue and Depression.  Because you can reverse bad thoughts and feelings with just focusing in.  Focus on the Color Blue now…..and jog a memory of fun times.  


Blessed Be!

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