“Live life when…

“Live life when you have it. Life is a splendid gift-there is nothing small about it.”

Florence Nightingale

In my studies this summer for Holistic Health and Wellness, I have noticed a resounding tone about the Health Care System at large.  In keeping the level of politics for this blog to a bare minimum it prompts me to say “No One Person is to Blame for the Mountain Such as This One We May Climb”. 

Florence Nightingale’s way of viewing an approach to healing is quite the story.  It is funny to recall, in the 4th Grade, I did a report on her for one of my class projects.  

The Rub?…..I don’t recall much of it then except that I loved her last name and it reminded me of a songbird.

Florence believed you must look at healing the whole of the person, not just tackle the acute illness.  Back then, when admitted into a facility, the more the facility took care to use natural light, lush garden areas, Art and Lit, and provided fresh air for the patient, the faster the recovery.  Diet, exercise, natural light and harmony did WONDERS to balance the energy around the sick and lessened recovery times.  

Have you noticed?  Certain people are very sensitive to feeling one’s infirmities. When one of my two children were younger, she would enter a health care facility, slow her walking, become pale and slouch low.  I thought it was just physiological “weirdness”.  Well, I had the psychological part right.  The Empathetic response of a 12 year old showed me that something was quite wrong about the “feel” of the place.  The Sterile and Cold environment did not do anything for my child’s energy much less could you imagine the effect on patients who must remain indoors in such as sterile, cold facility.  I keep the tone here light to say….. I understand isolating pathogens which would harm others and much of what needs to be contained and destroyed is quite necessary.  

But mind you, isolating and targeting disease vs. giving someone a path to think, see and imagine themselves better is different.  Our energy patterns DO MATTER…..The “POINT?”- Integrating Holistic Practices along with acute clinical treatment will start a revolution for a better way to think about how we treat a disease.  Not all disease is self inflicted but much can be reversed or avoided in using Holistic Techniques early in life.  

Just as I was a child and had NO IDEA what I was writing about during my project on Florence Nightingale at the time, had someone taken the time to show me the simplicity of which she was trying to explain, I may have avoided a lifelong battle with Childhood Obesity.  

Is there ONE Small thing you can do today to help your Mind, Body or Spirit?  I bet there is:)

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