Indigo! Ohhhhhh La La!

The Color of the Day is Indigo.  This one represents Meditation and Wisdom, Spirituality and has a cooling effect on your psych.  In the 98 degree Louisville Weather, yeah, I am thinking Indigo.  Where else can you find it?  In the Sunset when you look in-between the colors of orange and red.  It’s there.  Just like when you are not paying attention to all you are doing in a moment, you are still being lead by one of your greatest teachers.  Your Intuition.  It’s not a bad thing.  It’s a great thing!  I like to be forewarned from a potentially bad event or excited when I realized ‘I knew That!”

Color Therapy is just that.  Therapy with Color.  I think most of us would rather have MASSAGE Therapy but Color Therapy is Nice too!  Find some Indigo today in  your environment.  I bet you can!


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