A Seven Day Challenge in 9 Days! The Color Purple!

Well, I did it!  I completed a self challenge.  I did not do a perfect job but I have seen this to completion! In 9 days I have blogged about Colors.  Rainbow, Chakra, Crayola like colors.  And even though I did not complete this in 7 days, I give myself a passing score that even in the midst of daily challenges, I did come back to my goal.  I classify this as finishing a race in 3rd. 

But how may of us don’t even try to finish the race and just quit?  It happens to us ALL the time.

Today I implore you to not give up on your goals….much less your Dreams.  Those Dreams you had as a little child.  Because you are never too old to see something to the finish.

Your body may slow, your speech may slur and you may have to face an event in life that is devastating to the soul, but I encourage you to keep running the race with perseverance!

So, last but not least, the color is Purple.  Violet to be exact.  It is the Color of All Divine Wisdom and the Color of the Crown Chakra.  This is where God Speaks.  He will give you knowlege to press into your existence with gladness.  Purple is the Royalty of Life.  Kingship.  Queenship.

Use your imagination today and think of what Dreams you have then, well, think of The Color Purple.  Oprah Did.


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