“ARE WE THERE YET PAPA SMURF?”-Cartoon Confusion…..

Are we there?  Are we there?  And on and on they go……  

Kids….. youngin’s….. the old folk called them.  I see now that many of them appear to get on their parents nerves.  It is quite sad.  But do you not remember being a child?  What is your fondest memory?

My fondest memories of being a kid include the one’s when I just knew life was safe.  I knew there was always going to be a box of cereal or a pack of bologna in the house even if we had nothing else.  And that I could watch those fun loving cartoons that once were- Fun.  What the heck happened to Looney Tones and The Smurf’s in Technocolor?  I saw the movie The Smurf’s but for me, it was not the same….

Now our kids just seem a little glazed over when they watch cartoons. I don’t get the plots anymore I am not sure what is happening.  I cannot even stomach about 90% of them when they come on.  The weird thing is that I can’t even put my finger on the format of what the kids are watching now but I just don’t hear that same Humor that I laughed at.  They seem more criminal now…..more draining.  Where is the enjoyable Laughter (with the exception of Sponge Bob and that one is not enjoyable to my ears)!?!  

What I loved most about my cartoons as a kid was that I could repeat and imitate what was being said.  You know, those coined catch-phrases that Bugs said like-“What’s up Doc”? or Porky Pig’s “Th’Th’That’s all Folks” and the Kid Smurf’s consistent question to Papa Smurf of “Are We There Yet?”  It gave me the opportunity to pretend, safely.

Now, I feel like confused Chaos is infiltrating our children and again maybe I just don’t get it but where did the comic relief for a child go?  The laughter and creativity and colors used by the cartoons of older days just doesn’t feel the same now.  Everything seems more muted, more depressed, more combative.  

With an exceptional Barney or Dora flick, I just turn the volume down or off when some of these things are playing for the kids which pass my way.  

My answer to Papa Smurf’s looming question….. is that “I don’t think we are in Kansas anymore Pops”.  I am lost on where we missed the turn at Albuquerque!!!

Monitor what you children are watching while you still can.  Under the age of 8, if it smells or sounds or seems “strange”, divert them to something more ColorFul.  Or better yet, play some music and get up dance with them.  Kids love that!  Give them an outlet for Laughter and Happiness.  You will reap the reward too!



One thought on ““ARE WE THERE YET PAPA SMURF?”-Cartoon Confusion…..

  1. I wish every parent could read this. We have lost so much yet of our yesteryear awareness. Just maybe with a little work to re-train ourselves we can begin to re-capture the beauty of mindfulness.

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