Look OUT! Contagion!

I have noticed that conversations about how we feel tend to be pretty standard these days.  When we ask each other how we feel, we typically say “Fine” or “I’m Ok”.  But just being Fine and Ok, leaves us wondering if that is REALLY acceptable?  Are you spreading a form of Dis-Ease by not being positively contagious?

What I’d like to know is during your time alone, do you ask yourself how you feel and evaluate your own mannerisms and how they affect others?  I mean, If I answered another person on that subject and said “HAPPY” verses “Fine” or “I’m OK” I would probably even get a little chuckle out of them.  It is such an unusual answer and I like to see people laugh WITH me.

Are you not answering the question at hand because your not ready to say your are happy and if so, why?  Does it feel awkward to say “I’m Happy”?  Does is seem unrealistic to answer that question if you really are Happy or do you just go with the Hum Drum answer not providing a serum of Light to the world with your Loving Happy Self?  I know YOU’RE IN THERE!

 If you are NOT happy, what are you?  If these key words come to mind, I suggest Self Intervention quickly and maybe find some advice….

  • Depressed
  • Tired
  • Aggravated
  • Pissed OFF!
  • Emotionally a Wreck!
  • Nervous
  • Confused 
  • In Chronic Pain
  • I DUNNO What I AM?

Happiness is defined as many things but it should be a very important factor in your daily and even your hourly life.  

You will face multi-faceted things in life.  Good, Bad, Ugly and just plain “WTH”!  But those examples I described above should never be a part of your daily, hourly and important moments in life long term.  There is no event so defining that it should rob you of a lifetime of Joy, Peace and Happiness.  

Facing and Conquering self destructive demons and altering life events and rolling through them with a tenacity to reach harmony and bliss should be a priority.  It is proven that if you work at becoming Whole and at Peace, Disease will lessen, stress will lessen and your family will relax and become a benefactor of your Happiness.  

I don’t want to be Happy because I am selfish, I want to be Happy because it IS Infectious.  This is the only contagion I care to spread!



One thought on “Look OUT! Contagion!

  1. I told someone yesterday that I was wonderful and his response was “don’t brag” I in turn said, “well it is better than complaining”. It is important to be happy and even if your not in the mood to be happy no reason to tell someone that your not on a day to day passing.

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