Two Spots? A Possible Diagnosis.

Before you read this blog let’s understand that when someone blogs, it is a public view into their secret thoughts publicly.  Sometimes they are offensive to you as a person but you have to understand the audience reading any Blog should be sensitive to this and if anything does offend, then in Love, gently click the close button on your browser.

So, let’s get to business.  I have been waiting for over a week on results from a mammogram and like a good girl, I went at age 40 and did the booby squish.  So I called yesterday to see if my second test results have been read and the answer-“No.” I know they will cal me back so I am not overly alarmed.

But as any women can image or HAS experienced, it is quite the wait.  I would never in a million years expect I would have to deal with a breast cancer possibility in the slightest realm.  And most likely, I am not.  I don’t look sick!  I don’t feel sick and I certainly DO NOT act sick. 

It was really quite the experience this week, being in the medical system and literally walking into an imaging center and it was FULL TO THE MAX.  The room was so FULL of women!  I wondered were they battling, were they getting a follow up based on physician recommendation?  And are those prepared for the wait for results w/o living in FEAR? Either way, there was a very face paced shuffle of X-Rays, Ultra-Sounds, Techs and just buzzing about in that place.

After spending 15 years discussing with clients and employees and friends and family on how important the preventative exam is, I now sit and wait myself wondering.

So I am I bitching about the process?????  NOT AT ALL!  I am going about my day and in the back of my mind is this Question.  But I choose to go through my regular (mostly) healthy routine of the day.

 Yoga, Clean, Pray, Write, prepare for upcoming events, pay bills, clean, clean (who said there was so much cleaning being unemployed). But nar’ a complaint about this wait I assure you,  just a tiny lump in the throat CHAKRA (Blue).  

If by some unfortunate event, I had to make the battle as so many million other women have done, I would HOPE to MY GOD Almighty I would have an ounce of endurance to fight as I have seen countless women and families do.  

I would hope that I would make a stance to retain and hold each measure of Peace and Happiness that I now possess.  To manifest a true nature like I try to do in the light of an EveryDay’s Ok Day.

So, Yes, I will share whether or not this waiting has had concerned results with you….  I just don’t think I have anything to worry about.  But neither did millions of others.  My love for each of you as my reader is a TRUE Love and I don’t just say that.  As materialistic as we can become, appear or lead on to be, my heart tells me that Men and Women alike, know when they are being SNOWED and I am not doing that….I love to see people share their hearts desire and send Love to someone they knew needed a prayer.  

If you have need of or know someone in YOUR life that needs a prayer, take this moment and close your eyes and SEND LOVE!  It is boundless!  And If You share this with me on this Post, I promise to write down that you asked, and put this with my prayer needs.  This to you I commit.


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