“I always wante…

“I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realize I should have been more specific”.

Lily Tomlin

Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/l/lilytomlin109612.html#MhpWXErYmvzbuXIp.99

I love this quote from Lily Tomlin.  She is such a comical lady with a really interesting personality.  Dry humor is kind of fun if you think about it.  It makes people have to focus in on whether or not you are being serious.  And of course, we want to be sure the audience is prepared for any dry humor delivery but when you face an uncomfortable situation, you want to break some of the ice in the room with a hearty chuckle.  

I love to laugh.  I really really do!  Laughing truly sets in motion for a great Happiness experience.    When people don’t really know each other, they can connect through laughter.  

I really like it when my husband is in line at the store and everyone is just standing there bored or frustrated and he comes off with some corny joke.   At least people perk up and look over at us to see who it taking to them verses mindlessly waiting about.  And they see our big ol’ smile!

Specifically being who you are as a whole person should encompass all traits of humanity on some level.  Many times when we describe ourselves, we try to hone in on the most common characteristic we have or more adversely, only how we look.  

I would guess that a full description of a person would be a lengthy list.  But are we short cutting the most important aspects of who we are because we do not look deep enough or long enough at who we really are?  I can bet that you have not recently written down anything about yourself save for maybe a resume or a credit application.  

Are you too busy in life to journal about who you are, why you are and what you want to become, specifically?  You are somebody, but do you know thyself?  You are worth the ink and the time!

Take a moment today and grab a sheet of paper, (not a drive thru napkin unless necessary) and write out some things about yourself.  Make the list two sided.  Positive Traits and In-Process Traits.  (Don’t say negative things and don’t bring on harm to yourself)!  Then reflect.  Reflect as if you are looking in a mirror of life.  Truth be known…..you actually are!



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