“God Allow’s U-Turns!”

I am so very happy to be writing again today.  The pace at which I have been going the last two weeks has been quite the overdrive.  In such a way that I have possibly missed a turn or two I am sure!

But not to worry, My God Allow’s U Turns.  Now depending on what track you are driving on, it may be harder to find a way to “turn around.”  But today’s thought has me wondering, did you miss something important in your scuffle to start the day, again?

Did you miss a small kiss on the cheek while dropping your child off to school?

Did you miss eating a healthy breakfast or any breakfast for that matter?  Did you know Milk DOES a body Good? or Did you know that a handful of Blueberries in the morning will give you enough stamina to start your engines?

Did you miss someone’s birthday or someone’s gathering and instead of acknowledging it  later in the week, just keep on driving?

Or more importantly, did you miss the sunrise this morning?  (I am watching for right it now!!)

A fast paced way of life should include a set mind to be present in your moments no matter how short they are.  And if you feel you missed a turn or two because you were too busy to notice, just make a quick sprint back around to do what it is you need to do today.  I assure you, whatever you are darting along towards, will be there when you get there.  And even if your appointments are sitting waiting to the tick-tock of the speedy little clock, they too need to take that time of waiting and contemplate if they need to make a U-wey.

Make the time to take the Time!


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