Think Back, Long Ago in a Land Far Away. Reflect!

Think Back, Long Ago in a Land Far Away.  Reflect!

“A picture of the tombs of Mordecai and Queen Ester according to Wikipedia”.

I have not had the opportunity to blog much this month. In taking a dose of my own medicine, slowing down to reflect even for a moment is important. I have many changes happening so fast but I am EVER so grateful for these challenges. When you make major changes in life, and you live completely on not knowing if you will pass or fail the test of time, can leave one bowing down to the throne room of the King begging for his extended hand of mercy to save one’s people. And sometimes to just save us from egotistical selves.

I have spent several days reflecting on Queen Ester and envisioning her approach to the King of Persia and then setting my thoughts fixed on the image of her dignity and success while she sits atop a white stallion. I know that my Creator God would never want me to lend my thoughts to die a horrible death or to perish feeling unloved but when you feel like you are alone in your mind, it tends to make one either stronger or stuck. And, even in Death we are taught to ask “Oh Death, where is thy sting?”
Me, I choose stronger ways today. Stronger to know I can believe on what truths become me and what identity I choose to hold as a person, can certainly determine the outcome.
My identity? To be Valiant, Strong and of Good Courage and to ask for an extension of HIS Merciful hand while new decisions are handed to me.

We know not much about the remainder of the life that Queen Ester lived but I can only suspect it was happily ever after. To see her resting place with her uncle portrayed here as this photo shows me, such beautiful care was taken to give her reward for a long hard life of sorrow and success. Do not give up your journey! Drive on Thru the hard places. Your Destiny Awaits!

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