It’s like Christmas in a big box today! Understanding Body Work.

Many of us have heard of Tai Chi or Yoga or Holistic Wellness.  I hope to simplify some of what I see (my op) as using positive energy in very few words for those who do not know what Reiki is or energy work is classified as.  

Now, KEEP IN MIND, I am a student to these areas and profess in no way to give any medica’/legal/ counsel  advice.  That’s what Dr. so and so is for.  Strictly commentary.

And since my table arrived today and I will be taking a workshop this month to increase my level of understanding of Reiki specifically, I wanted to encourage you to know a little more about your body.  I know Reiki is Japanese. 🙂

We are all made up of energy.  P-E-R-I-O-D!

Most all of us have a model of worship and I am conformable in saying I am a Christian.

I am comfortable in saying I LOVE Science and Nature and History and Art and Music and Dance and Good Business Skills and People.  Darn right!  I really do love people.

I love thinking about about how to be a better consumer in the world and how to send a loving vibration to others even when I know I have a trigger point of “meanness” that is is in the  works. (But I really ain’t mean!)  Working on Patience, Grace, Attitude, Moral Standards,  and I am really working on trying to keep my Prayers up for our Youthful generations.  

So, back to why I bought a table for Reiki.  Most of my friends know I am not going to massage school.  The Back may be a bit to old for that.  

I believe that when you send love and relaxation to others, it forms a moment in time where we/they can begin to scan “selves” not only for ills physically but mentally and especially emotionally.  The emotional beings we are, conflict in all areas of our life if we let it.  ALL of them do!

Emotional beings love and feel love.  They feel everything.  They are emotional.  

Humans are emotional.  Finding a place to calm one’s MBS and receiving Divine Energy through Reiki or any positive laying on of hands for prayer and intention, leaves one looking and searching for answers.  Well, who has the answers?  I think you know and through relaxation, your fellowship can be with God and Onesself to find healing.  Understanding your body and how you work is the best method for healing all ails.

That is all for today.  More soon.


Holly (Polly Positive).  Nickname…lol!

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