Working for the Weekend!

Yes, it is a Loverboy song but I am happy to sing it.  My summer vacation is now over.  I am returning to work Full Time and am excited about the energy I missed in doing so. But really it is bittersweet to lose the home routine I have made for my self.  Do you want to know what it was?  No clock!  

Well, a few times I had appointments but no work clock.  It is really hard to fit all these home responsilbilites into one day.  

I thought staying at home would be a breeze.  I saw myself with the morning sun in my face and doing Tai Cho on the deck.  

I did manage to pull out a few mornings of it as such and my Yoga postures were actually quite good on those days.  Other times of the day, I was clumsy.  Hum?  Moon Void of Course maybe?

Anyway, my blog today is to send out a very happy sound about going back to work.  If any of you have experienced HealthCare Reform on even a fraction of the note we insurance peeps do, then you know, my tone for the bloggy should be light and airy!  LOL!

But here is the real daily kicker.  I have self taught myself to use better judgement on my SELF!  I am too hard on me, and even others when I don’t get my way.  Ya’ll say “no, your not!”  Yes….., you cannot read my thoughts!  LOL!  I have blocked you…….Tee Hee.

Is the way you think is right no matter what?  That way of thinking really needs to be set aside on a regular basis.  There is a difference between opinion and being dug in!  

 I relish in the fact that I had a whole summer to myself to do what I needed too.  I spent a lot of great time with family and friends and learning about the Human Being.  I made goals, broke some, kept a few.  And am making new!

I pray today you see a pattern in your life that will help you with the season to come which is Winter.  Fill yourself with Love and Grace this Winter and you will see a seed of growth in the Spring.  I assure you on this.

And P.S.- I took FB off my iphone.  I like to FB FAST.  Makes me excited to catch up on those followers……


Holly G.

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