Looking Up! Yoga, Bar?



I titled this picture “looking up”!  Why, because things are great?  Well, yes they are but it is more than that.  

Looking up to me means I can count on God to help me when I am not “looking up”.  Those times when I am walking head-down because I either cannot see ahead of me or that I am just thinking.  But if we think with our heads up, we actually receive a clearer signal from God.  Straightening your spine and breathing in, helps your mind to OPEN and when you open, you do hear your Beloved Savior!  


So each day as you ready for work, school or just another drive around the block, tell yourself to “look Up”.  It will also straighten our your NECK: STOP SLOUWCH-ING P!  

As I ready for ANOTHER day of work……I don’t stress my brain on all the things which must be done.  That will all be there and if you do a good job and your best effort, then no guilt!  Work is hard but we can do it.  Hecki, I got three jobs now…no wait four……..no WAIT A ga-zillion!!!!

Bless you Today!  Share this Blog and Blessings!


Holly Polly Positive!  Thanks for the nick name CHW!

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