Sunday Morning!

Yes, it is Sunday Morning and many of you ready for worship.  I too, ready my mind.  The best most wonderful moments in time when you sit quietly and just look at life as it proceeds for you.

I am now working full time, working part time, caring for loved ones, pets and the all the finances and home life responsibilities like a big girl.  I am still studying Meditation and Reiki and what prompted me to write you was how my mind started thinking about MY LIFE when studying about Meditation this morning.

The Mind, The Breath, The Beauty of Natural Creation.  The Beauty of God’s Spirit and his Dove like qualities.  Soft Music in the background and today, Rain.  Lots of Rain!  Kentucky Rain.

Can you smell it?  Can you possibly feel it on your face?  If you are a Monday-Friday go all day kind of girl, then take Sunday and step out in your “night” old clothes and feel the rain.  Close your eyes, even for 30 seconds!  Take in your NOW Moment!


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