Friday Morning!

The last post was called Sunday Morning.  Now, for a new perspective.  Friday Morning!  

I’ll tell you, being a working women is not a cake walk but then when I look at all the great people I really do interact with in a day, I tend to remove the drudgery from the day.  

I remember about a year ago, ever task seemed to be “drudgery”.  Not so much today.  A few things are, but journalling them out really helps my mind process what my physical body is requiring me to do.  

So I take these 9 minutes before I have to jump in the shower to think of YOU actually.  The blog is about me yes, but I am writing to you.  You are the reader.  When we post our thought out into cyber space, we are trying to connect with another Human to hear our thoughts.  Is this what we call Mind-Reading?  LOL!

Writing and Learning is my absolute favorite thing for Holly Goodyear!  She THRIVES for it.  Come what may, I would write everyday all day if someone would pay for me to do so.  (Hint Hint for you publishers out there).  I mean, what you are reading is a commoner who is trying to unwind her thoughts before the day even winds up!

My prayers for you today are this…. I have 6 minutes before I get in the shower and I ask that somewhere in this day, you find a 9 minute moment to think upon NOTHING.  Nothing but how GOOD GOD IS and How much you have to be thankful for no matter what State you are in.  (And speaking of States, did ya check out the exchanges?)  Sorry, bad insurance joke! 

Meditation (or Journalling if you say the excuse that you “Can’t Meditate”.  More on that later!) IS ONE OF THE CHEAPEST MEDICAL CLAIMS YOU WILL EVER HAVE!!!


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