I didn’t know what to title it.

It’s 7:00 am.  Sunday.  And I am thinking, thinking, think……  Writing helps get it out so I am, writing and letting you read this is a part of what I am thinking about.  Now, how is that for present being?

Listen, I am going to write about rapid change, decisions, and sometimes knowing that you DON’T know the why’s behind why you do what you do.  Then when you start to write about all the thoughts you think about in the mind, you lose so many of them since you can recall them all.  That is because the thoughts are as the speed of light.  Universal.

And then, wanting to write with REAL pen and paper but resorting to the computer.  The only fast way to get to you.  My Reader…..

But this is the problem?  Hurry, rush, do more work.   Well most of you who read me know I joke a lot when I write this time I want to be serious.  

I quit my job.  Walked out.  Ran out is more like it.  I went there knowing I had a lot of human responsibility.  

My husband’s massive travel, my 14 year old is, well, 14.  My bills, my dogs, my laundry, grocery, my mother in law, sisters in law and well, my friends.  Being “Friends” as what we call each other on FB right, you understand?  


Then KNOWING I have DO a gift.  A gift to send love and healing through my hands to others.  GENUINE LOVE.  I want nothing of mighty in return save, a good name and a happy villiage.

But I have burned bridges.  Bridges this week that pangs my heart to no end but it shows me there is deep inside us a trigger.  A trigger that says, Fly or Fight or DO SOMETHING and I do not wish to fight.  I do not with to fight for a mentality bound by money and frustration.  We give, we love, we try so hard to make it.  

But there is a force in our nation which says, faster, harder, not smarter.  Oh, we try to work smarter.  But there is always the point of no return.  I have been there and I DO NOT wish to go back.  I am 75% certified in quite a few human studies.  Do you think I am going to throw that way for 45 and 50 hours of work a week in which some “thing” out there says give me MORE of you?  He is insatiable.  I relent and I digress.

I may loose many things in this trial.  I may lose friends, a house, a car or event a loved one or pet.  We are not promised tomorrow.  

BUT DAILY, My thoughts when I wake and walk and do are truly on you.  On mankind to understand and ask “what it is your thinking”?  Are you at peace and if not, my heart does cry to God for you.  Make an EFFORT for your SELF today.  Find a moment to close thine eyes and lift thy face to the Lord.


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