Written Inspiration!

Hello Readers, (mostly my friends-lol),

It really is Halloween and as much as I have enjoyed playing around with pics, videos and FB I do want to write out a serious note.  Well, ok, I don’t think I can ever be too serious on a blog.  I mean you edit these things and cut out the real pixie parts, right?

What I mean is, that this day really does have a vast representation good, bad and evil and/or not.  

Or is it just for fun, fall and celebration? Or is it a dawning of a new season in preparation for Winter?  For Farmers, it really is a serious time since they have to work and bail straw and put back goods for winter.  Most baby cattle or goats and chicks are weaning during this season and for nature, the winter is a time of bedding down.  A time to nestle in with Family and enjoy a hot cocoa or popcorn around a movie.  (Well, not the goats.)

For South America, much see it as a Day of the Dead.  That term used to freak me out until I realized that the skulls were sugar and candy.  And that it is a celebration of ancestors, not the boogie man.  Is it not biblical or historical to raise a toast to those family members that left you a legacy in believing and teaching you to be the best you can?  Or even stopping to honor the Saints who have gone on before us pressing toward a vast wholeness of spirit with God?  If you are Catholic, then give them a shout out!

During these days of Two Thousand and Thirteen, we tend to stop and reflect just long enough to jerk a tear out our eye when we see the little one’s laughing and screaming and giggling about.  But WHAM, something somewhere distracts us.  

I don’t even know how to begin to describe the ADHD I have adopted in recent years and I am not even nervous or ill.  But my mind, never shuts off.  (No offense to anyone with ADHD I just assume that is what it feels like).  I just learn to live with ME now everyday and try and try again until what I do each day feels right?  If it feels right, then that is most likely my intuition saying it’s ok.  Don’t misconstrue me to say that you can do what you want at the cost of others.  I will not even embark on the Karmic subjects of life today.

As this time of the wheel turns, I begin a new career, a new thinking and a new plan.  Much of the old plan I have tried to hold on to is now a passing instance.  Much of what I may face soon could be Scary like Mike Meyers.  But if it is that scary, I will put out some Holy Water and Prayer Candles and leave all the BIG spiritual warfare to the extends of Michael and Gabriel.   When all there is to do but Stand, then that is what I shall do.

So the moral of the story blog today is this.  When change appears and appears in a very big way, you can trust that life ebbs and flows.  Living alive during all you are learning, will make the legacy you leave your children, a celebration of you, dead.

Don’t blow away today Toto.



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