Meditation Monday. “Be Still and know that I am God.” Ps 46:10

Hello Readers!  Today is the day.  After 8 weeks of distractions, posts, responsibilities, contemplations and just plain ol’ being busy with life, I will complete my Certificate for Meditation 101 today through  I believe in what I tell you that this practice is more than what you may think.  It has health qualities that are so hidden, you don’t even realize the magnitude until they just appear.  The quietness which resets your brain’s thinking power is enormous.

I want to begin to teach BASIC, NON-Threatening, NON-intimidating, contemplative and relaxing meditation.  No bells, no whistles, maybe or maybe no sage (for those that laugh when I do this), and just help you and I, understand the stillness has such value.  I won’t be like a normal teacher of which may seem like a Monday-Friday career path like we see in colleges or schools, I have a career.  A new one mind you!  A very different path will begin for me there and I am so happy for it!  I believe that career and money and family time and self time, and girl or guy time are all equally important to a person in it’s own way and we have to do those things as people.

But what if you took one day out of your entire life and sat through just a 20 minute mediation for that matter.  With no computers, no iphones, no music with words radio, just you.  You and I mind you if you walk with me through a technique that will change your life.  You could fit it in on a Monday,  or a Thursday or a Sunday.  If you don’t know me or wish to engage with someone you know better, find you someone you can engage with which can teach you basic meditation.

When God said to us, Be Still and KNOW that I am God. This is really what he meant.  No other definition of “Being Still” makes sense to me.

As always, my blogging is my way to write and speak to you all in our W-W-W World.  Also, know it is my way to pray for you and pray for myself.  I need just as much help in life as anyone and sometimes, because I tend to carry others burdens in my heart, I need to pray for myself.  My blog is meant to touch you.  Make you laugh, cry, make you mad and sometimes make you smile.  Stay with me on this pathway by reading and sharing your thoughts with me.  It is very important to me to  know what you are thinking so comment.

Blessings and Thank you!

Holly on a Monday!

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