“Take Authorship of your Life.”

While sweeping this early morning, thoughts raced through my mind.  I caught them, and I processed them in categories.  Work, busyness, worship, songs, fairy tales, cleaning house.  All the stuff we gotta do.

I thought about the world outside amidst the fire burning my fireplace.  It is the first fire of the season in our home.  Warm, but kind of stinky.  Cob Webs cluttered my chimney but I new the smell would leave and I opened the front door to the cool crisp, wet morning air.  

Then I said to Self….”Blog.”  It has been weeks.  You did it for several days straight when you challenged yourself back in the summer.  So why is it so hard to stay consistent?  I think because of MINDLESSNESS.

And recalling in bed about an hour ago, my coffee and me decided that the first lesson learned about my newfound holistic-spirit-being path, was that when I started practicing Mindfulness in my daily physical life, I payed much more attention to my life.  

Now when peppered with thoughts, or ill-feels or just stuff I don’t need anymore, I just clear out.  I clear out the house clutter, mind clutter and conscience clutter.  We all know stuff but think about what you really know today.  Are you the Author of your own existence in your head today?  Are you creating a start to this day to format the end of your days for you as a walking, upright person?  We all age you know!!

Or are you so gung ho’ on the holidays and the stress of it all, that you are missing a key Link into your happy ending?  Don’t stress the mess peeps!  Messes will be there always.  You won’t.  Create the story of you today!



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