“Trees are Poppin’ up Everywhere!” Christmas!!!!!

Happy Holiday’s Everyone! It is time for a new challenge.
It is Dec 2nd and a New Moon as well. New Moon means bring into your life your next set of Blessings. And with this being the month of Christmas and other world Holiday’s we cherish the moments we spend with our loved ones.

Yesterday, we trimmed our tree. On Facebook, I noticed many likes and many people trimming their’s as well.

So as I woke this morn, I decided to do it! Do another selfie challenge.
Back in the summer I did it. So, why not now? Any easy one! How about I commit to blogging 5 minutes per day. Sound’s easy right? Ok, not so much.

I mean, I could do it day, night or on the pot! Everyone has five minutes to shout out a “Hey” or tell someone you love them or just hug your kid today. Five minutes can share a smile or in some cases, a tear.

We are not oblivious to the fact that we all have some times of sorrow or sadness but I see that so many of you are putting up trees, adorning on with lights, and trying to show love to one another, even on the BIG FB!

My curiosity arises in me this Monday. Will you even take 2.0 seconds to like to this message to you, the reader?

I would so much appreciate in finding a network of friends who will acknowledge their thoughts and hopes and dreams in 5 minutes a day with my blog. When I write to you, I do pray it is a knowing that I am thinking of all of you out there.
(Oh, and know for my friends who do not have Facebbok or social media, my prayers are still to you as well and that you journal for better health. I don’t Blog for Nuttin!. I blog to set my mind at ease of the busy-ness of the days and hopes for a better, brighter World!
These days are full of yule tide and cookies and my savior, Jesus Christ!
Make the most out of communicating to those most special to you this season. For real, do it.

Lastly, my challenge for the mont of December will be Titled “Letters from Holly E.” Watch for it! You could be a thought in it!

2 thoughts on ““Trees are Poppin’ up Everywhere!” Christmas!!!!!

  1. Miss Holly… Love this idea! While my tree is not up and and decorated, I am still gonna find five minutes a day to join you. I will be making Christmas this year with no Christmas tree… How perfect is that! To be able to clear my mind and focus on the true meaning of Christmas. I will miss the pretty lights, but I think I am going to just put an empty manger with straw in it’s place. For once I am going to stop and enjoy the greatest gift ever given. Smiles my friend! I look forward to your posts!

    1. Heather! What a wonderful idea. Cherish in the meaning of this special season is good for the warm hearts and happy faces all around us and extending your thoughts toward self reflections will create peace and a knowing that the love of God is with you. Even with an empty manger as decor you rest assured, it is not empty! May the miracles if this season be upon u all!

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