At Night!!! What???????!!!!

I must be losing my mind!  I don’t think I have blogged at night.  Crawled right up in bed after an exciting day at the Salon and pulled it up!  I felt like expressing my excitement about life and the season upon us.  This is the learning season for so many people.   I noticed the leaves on most of my trees were gone and that it looked, well….dead out my window today and I had to teach myself to not think negativelyy.  And then I saw one dried out leave fluttering in the wind and it almost startled me.

I was so mesmerized with the trees and feeling sadness of winter, that I was caught of guard by the flutter of a playful leaf.  At that moment today, I decided that my life would not be controlled by emotions which were not benefiting me in that instant.  Taking back the right to say to my self I can drive on!  I can change a few things around to make a difference in my life.  If I blog at 5am each day, what does it hurt to blog for a second before bed.  We all know everyone is on the WWW right now so why not Minot!  (inside joke).

If you read my thoughts, know I am working on them daily, instantly and every so aggressively to  make positive change ALL around me.  Even in the midst of the dry.


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