Do You Hear What I Hear?

Are there voices amongst us?  What are they saying?  Shop, drop, flop or STOP?

This early morning, I definitely can grab hold of my usual tendency to want to start buzzing hard.  Get up, go workout, get ready for work, go, go go!  But keeping tradition for day 2 of my challenge, I need to STOP and think about what is going on in that brain of mine for just 5 minutes.  First, I will close my eyes and meditate/pray with 3 deep breaths.  There, done.

So what is funny right now is that I am not sure what to blog about.  I just know I have to keep in my vow to SELF that I can write to you, and to me.  Remember, the blog is really a self journal trying to put on paper or your feelings.  (Or in our case here, on screen).

But as I begin to pour out, here they come.  Ideas, Prayers, Concerns and just mind chatter of what is around my life.  I must be honest today, as I try and pose as a HUGE advocacy for Happiness.  I feel a bit Grumpy in waking just now.

Something in me is “wriggling.”  Like, fear or anxiety and I feel it.  My tummy is tumbling and my head is screaming “WORRY” about that Debt, that Job, that future in front of you.  And like every day, I grab it and do everything in my power and the power that God affords me and say STOP THAT!

The Dreams that I have are real, they are a vision of my hopes.  The Vision is in my head of health, harmony, balance and control.  I would be a FOO’RL to think that suffering is not a part of existence.  That there is not death and hunger and disease and liars in the world we live.  That there are thugs and drugs and people that get’s mugged.  There are screaming babies and snotty noses and Dog’s Poo to clean up after.  There are hazards and job lay-offs and our own Self chatter which says, I am dealing with THIS, THIS and This and then tries to destroy us with powerful overload of TMI!

So, in ending my 6 minutes of fame to those who do decide to “read me” today.  Know this……There are days I really don’t know what to say or what my head is saying to me.  I just know I made a commitment to self to blog and there are so many times, I cannot fulfill it but I don’t want this to be one of them.   I believe in what I hear when it aligns with God’s words in my head and not some lying falsehood.   A trick to try and pull “me” down.  We can be Successful, at Peace and in Harmony like a song, IF we STOP and take a moment to see what we are now saying in your head.  Take hold today and control those thoughts.  Affirm you are a child of the most High!  Do you not hear that?



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