December 4, 2013- Day 3 “progress”.

Good Morning to everyone and Happy Hump Day!  I am happy to be up and productive and looking forward to what new things can come my way today.  The To-Do list is done and we are off and running.

So, for my practice today of writing, I am going to list a few of my bucket list items for 2014.  These are goals, not resolutions (which I am sure you have not thought of New Year’s Yet, right??) and with any long term goal, they are subjective and subject to change with life circumstances’ but in making progress a priority in life, it means that I choose to adjust my needs as they arise.  Now, some think making adjustments are a frustration, but I like to look as those as “enhancements” or even “directives” from Above as needed.  But right now in my life, I am excited on these things so let’s take a look at “My 2014 Goals”. 

*Keep Practicing Mindfulness.  No matter what!

*Pay of a majority of my credit cards off.  In order to move forward, correct my sin’s of the past!

*Provide Reiki to those that come on that path with me as needed.  Trust that sending positive energy and practicing the use of Good God Provided Love and Energy, it will benefit the recipient.  Reiki is not considered any type of religion or worship, but just a practice.  We are made up of Electrons-Protons-Nuetrons, right?  You are energy.  Period!

*Become a Rock Star in the Salon Management Business so that I can be a part of a growing company that have dreams and goals to “PIP” out.  (you will have to ask what that means or check out our company-Neatbeat.)  My surrounding team mates are excited about life, about sharing life with others and doing more than just “services” for guests but to have real life connections with others.  I enjoy what I am doing so much in this carreer and that is huge!  It was scary to try something new.  but, it is working!

*Find a way to write more.  Inspire! 

*Take a trip to one of our bucket list cities.  

*Teach a class on Mindfulness Meditation.  Just a small session.  I want to introduce these basic techniques for living to those I have seen stressed but still blessed and help my brothers and sisters to find a simple EASY way of wellness.  (Breathing and stopping the madness.)  It works every time!

*Make sure that any words that I may think have been left unspoken, are spoken this year.  You never know when time will run out so make sure you list out anyone you are unsure that you are “ok” with, especially if it is family.  I understand at times, God moves out people from your life for a reason, but if you are just being stubborn to someone in your daily life and not making amends, then making it a process for your 2014 year!

This upcoming year will be different!  I am certain of it.  Keep with the Progress!




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