“Teens”- Day 4

Teen-agers are interesting little creatures.  I was lucky enough to have one of each.  So, I get the expanded difference between boy and girl teen hormones.  Boys, typically are way more moody and self-“wondering”?  Girls, on the other hand are much like firecrackers.  “Pow, Sizzle, Pow, Fizzle”!

I haven’t written much about mine since in journaling, since I do journal to try and fix my weirdness’.  But, man O’ Man,  I really love them. (not my weirdness’, my kids……..)   And the girl, she is way older than a teen now. (though she wound not like me reminder her lol)!   Adulthood came way fast!

Last night when going to bed I listened to old 80’s Hairband music in bed.  Funny!  To pull up a “#Skid Row, or #Poison song and sing every word with those funny faces.  Then seeing your hubby doing it, more funny!  It was nice laughter.  

However, I cannot tell a lie.  I worry a little about teens and what their future REALLY holds.  I am not a pessimist at large but I am not so crazy that I don’t know the world will be different in 10.  They will be me and I, will be my parents.  So, in my time today, I think, “Are they doomed with a governing of peoples that is messed-up forever?”  No sugar coating here, we are a HOT Mess Peeps, over times!

But then I say, “girl-self” don’t forget there are kids NOW and HERE with enough mentorship to be brave and bold and GREEN enough, to make a turn around for the future……  I know that typically, crashes in a country happen noticeably every 100-1000 years or so but have we not rebounded at some level each time? I mean, can YOU and I stop and read this and say, well, I am a blessed child and should not think I am not??  There are plenty of identifyable trageic events enough around us to make a new energy to light the World Cup Stadium.  And having instant messaging shows us this.

But what if every one of us….. parents…., single, happily married, widowed, bored, angry, broke parents, did help our own little boys or girls clubs?  

If you don’t have teens, or have them and “hate” them for now, or know a best friend that has one, or six, can you not take a single second and say their names aloud for prayer?  By just saying their name during this reading, puts an energetic element in the air of prayer!  Don’t believe me? Try it!  I dare ya.  (I am not beneath provocation but I try to be kind about it.  I am a Scorp.):-)-  You can feel their names on your chest when you speak them.  God tells us to SPEAK!  We are Speakers.  And last night, I was speaking (or singing) my teen language of love.  Hair Bands.

Have you spoke for a kid today?





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