Today’s The Day I Became Cremated. Day 5

The night before last I had a dream that God’s loving Spirit come to my family to say I was going to be leaving my body tomorrow and to not be afraid or sad, since I was not dead the way they thought, only transformed.  And they could very happily let me go since it was like a cute little magic trick in which I would still be with them.  Always.

In agreement, we all decided to plan the funeral like a party.  Immediately, I went to Emily, Ed and Zach to say, “Now, Listen!  I am to be cremated and you know this is MY Wish, so do NOT argue the point with me.  In burning an item you release more chemical power and as I release into eternity, I want to fulfill that power as God Given Power, not some fear in the other side of light or darkness!”  I do not believe in spending money like that if you cannot do so and a hardship on the family arises.  (Learned that lesson a wee bit late in life).

In this dream, Emily brought me back a pretty Red urn but said I had to share the space with Jackie Gleason.  “What?”, I was NOT going to share my death urn with anyone, much less with Jackie.  Johnny Depp, maybe but Jackie??  (Sorry Lennel, I am just kidding!)

Then I sat down this morning, to meditate and pray and God reminded me, “This is the day you will be transformed.”  Humf?  Ok, I will take it.

You see, we cannot take our dreams as literal and we need to understand what our conscience IS trying to say to us.  Come on my friends, you know all too well, the chatter in our heads is overbearing at times but truly, TRULY, we have this Power to be ye’ Transformed by the renewing our our Minds!  To Walk in Spirit Fruit’s that emit at least a small amount of Light Bearing Love is right, much less we Be noticed, or successful, or pretty or just be plain a turd.  😦

If I am smacked in the face with looking to my own death and resurrection, whether it be figuratively or for real, I need to recognize the talent and gift in hearing what God says to you…..  ALL DAY LONG!

I assure you that if you shared a bit of your faith in what you noticed daily about God’s insuring Grace and Beauty IN and OF the world, you may just release a powerful butterfly effect that could save one’s life.  In transformation, the act of cocconuing (spelling) and releasing, is one of the most powerful changes in the animal kingdom.  Most mammals give birth though a similar reproductive path or lay eggs and warm sunlight which crack their shells, but not butterflies.  They wrap up, go to sleep, and wake up changed. 🙂



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