From My Lessons on Creative Writing- Day 6

From My Lessons on Creative Writing- Day 6

The candle flickering on the center of my kitchen table is quite nice. Especially since the weather out tonight is frightfully cold. I have closed the shades to the window seat in the dining area since the cold air from winters chill tends to freeze my finger tips and my toes and still feel the chill in my cozy little Red and Green socks.

As I am peeping through the closed shades there are twinkles from the neighboring houses. At first glance, you have to wonder does the glistening of the cold, chilly air just holds on to sparkling crystals in the wind or is it a flurry of snow I see?

I always ask myself what it is about our kitchen that keeps me from hanging out in our other rooms. Is it the view of the yard during each season which changes on me? I have begun to take notice of the small details that Mother Nature changes in front of moment by moment as the Wheel of the Year turns. Or is it the tasty homemade goodies I try and whip up several times a week so that the family will gather and ooooh and ahhhhhh due to my skilled cooking?
Quite possibley it is my personal energy is so thick in this room, that the room has become a part of me now? A part of who I am and what I do. And it gives me just the right welcomed atmosphere to sit and write about every dream I have and wonder which one’s I will be able to accomplish?

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