Words of Encouragement! Day 10

Words of Encouragement! Day 10

Yesterday was a mentally taxing day. I felt my emotions really being pulled in many directions but I kept my cool about me. Nothing really catastrophic happened to knock me off course but the usual day to day things I am working through. Our family is going through a lot of changes faster than the speed of the of light at an Express Lane on Christmas Eve.
But God has sent a couple of people my way that have been such a light in what could be a very dark time and for that I am grateful!
When my mood dips slightly I do two things. I say affirmations out loud and hear myself encourage myself.
I also, think about the closest people to me right now and know they are going through life as well, juking and jiving to try and capture fullness of life.
So as tired as I am tonight and with aching feet, I say good-night tonight with a grateful heart and mind that change is a good thing even if it feels “rough”. And with change comes more change. Don’t stress it too much. It will change again!

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