Life in the Fast Lane….. Day 11!

I am pooped. Whooped! But man, O’ Man do I not have the best life.  I have to say that this week has been FAST, Furious and Acceptable in my book.  Now, I talk about not living too much of a drive thru life with out guards but there are times, when we all like getting in the FAST cars and go……vroooom-vrooom! (Or Zoom-Zoom if your are a Mitz person!) lol!

My blogs are getting later and later and the closest of my closie’s know I ain’t no night owl!  I am in bed by 8 but I think that now in my days towards crone-ship, I have turned a page toward the dark side!  🙂  Maybe I will get a cat.  He would keep me company in the nighttime light.  And the moon, well, it is going to be VERY VERY full this weekend and if you do not realize we are heading toward Full Moon, Before Winter Solstice and an amazing Celebration of Holidays.  For us, it is Christmas.  For many, it is another form.  But either way you slice it, the powerful energy and time before entering 2014 will propel you into your dreams if you just take just a moment and reflect on who you are, what you are, and who you want to become.  

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th and I believe in nothing but Good Luck and Blessings and great times to be had.  No matter what we are facing in our personal lives, you MUST take a moment and reflect.  Set your goals peeps!  

The Silver Light of Love will be shining on you in a hot minute and we will have a cup of Yule Tide Cheer.  Don’t miss it!  Don’t miss your chance for a Joy Ride when they are offered but don’t make Joy Rides in Fast Cars a continual habit.  But do take a chance to set the Odometer to 0-60 at least once in life.  It will give you a rush of fun.  Just be sure to come back when you are done.  🙂



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