Reiki or Fakey? Day 14

Tonight I sat in my Reiki I class and began a journey of putting together the true simplicity of energy beings and how simple it is to send good, conscious energy to myself and others.  I kept questioning myself on when the big boom of knowledge was going to raise my chair off the floor or when my hands would float high into a state of universal energy and become invisible like the little girl in the incredibles.

But, it was nothing like that.  Just a human simple touch and a relaxation technique to bring me to present awareness of my body and make me aware of frequencies that are around me in all things.  It is a gift to know I can believe to be healed and I shall be and that our body and mind responds to touch, thought and other energies around us.  She called us Chemical Computers which makes a whole lot of sense.

Do you recall being a child and standing in front of your radio and messing up the signal?  It is something like that.   I was attuned today by one who has knowledge of these things and shares their knowledge of this simple gift to change the patterns of thinking and how we heal.  And if you think for one minute, this is fake stuff, then you trick yourself into not believing that God created us to regenerate and heal as long as we have life force energy.  Cells regenerate daily.  And if we block our energy flow from heavenly realms, we create a stagnant life.  The stagnancy then creates a pool of unhealthy chi-blocks which creates ill.  If you cannot unblock the place, you begin to manifest a sickness of some sort.  Or better yet, a poisonous thought, manifests a low vibrations which depletes life force energy not only of the thinker, but all those around them.

So tonight, as I learn more about our created light being called SELF, I joy in the comfort of knowing what I believe I do manifest.  Reiki is not Fakey and to increase the Power of God’s Love in my life is alright by me.  It teaches forgiveness.  And that, my friends is what Jesus would do.


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