Day What??


I was so excited and tired after my Reiki workshop ended last night, I did not blog.  But hey, who is going to fuss at me any more than I would?  Probably no one. 

So this is a prime example of not giving up the good fight of faith.  When I arose this morning, I knew I needed to do this for none other than me!  Staying the course of a goal does not mean that if you have one little flub up that you just trash the whole project. 

Now, that I have that little blurb out of the way, I ask you what your plans are for the holidays?  Are you doing the exact same thing you have always done?  Are your trying something new?  Please share with me if you are trying a new tradition or even were forced to do something different due to a family or change in lifestyle.  I am in prayer for you that even if you are doing something different than how you were raised, that you are not saddened in the change, but elated that you have a new opportunity to grow.  

I have a massive amount of rapid change going on in my family and you know what?  I ain’t skeert! I am happy to have this moment in time to share love and peace with you all and though you are reading this from your techno device, know, I now have the tools to even send you distant Reiki.  (AKA as love).  Want some? Ciao’!

Happy Holiday Experiences!


One thought on “Day What??

  1. I was given the opportunity to go in the woods and cut down my christmas tree this year. The tree is very much a charlie brown tree and its shape goes ever which way. I even had to nail a bow to the wall to tie it around the top of the tree so it will stand tall and straight. this tree has brought me so much joy. the tree is no where near perfect but neither am I. The changes that have occurred in my the life the last couple of years have taught me that its not about what you can purchase but what you can give. my time is what is most important for I can never get my time back. This christmas all I want is to give my time to my family and to those I love. I feel I never have enough time to spend with my loved ones. my tree represents love and joy and I am so excited to give my time to share love and happiness around this tree. Feel free mrs holly to stop by at anytime if you have a free moment. I would love more than anything to have your presence in my home this holiday season. I love you so much my dear friend!

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