Setting things in Motion! Day 15

I am going to declare right now that I am setting things in motion for my new year.  Yes, I sorely missed several days of a very big challenge in my life.  Blogging for 30 days.  Yes, I am trying to acclimate to a new new lifestyle and new way of seeing the world!  Yes, I am MAKING PEACE with mankind and more importantly, myself.

What I find very soothing is looking back over time, my past-time, with old MTV videos, family pictures and then applying my future dreams and goals to making new pictures, friends and goals.

My Life is compartmentalized and I only recongize this because God made me a Scorpio.  Traits, tendencies and aspects can CERTAINLY be re-directed by God’s unfailing love but I am going to believe that the timing in which I was born, and the people that I encounter in this walk, are the real here and now.  This does not EVER discredit the truth and salvation of my love for CHRIST and his Ways.  My tattoos are a representation of living by the fruits of the Spirit.  Galatians 5: 22-23.  Read it for yourself.

In understanding timing of life’s cycles and seasons, a blessed Hope has sprung my way in knowing Spring will bring a plentiful harvest.  In March and April if 2014 I predict my life will be blossoming.  And guess what, your life will begin to blossom.   I am dedicated to being an inspiration to others.  To believe that happiness does not come in a box.  Not an X-box, a Jewelry Box or a UPS Box.

My future goals include a fantastic career in the Beauty Biz, A Great Emergence from 15 Years of Hell in Healthcare (call it Obamacare if you want but it is far from his call!  Do we not recall, there is a whole committee of government in the way…….) and Somehow, Someway, to Inspire people (mostly Women and Young Ladies) to NOT sell yourself Short on Living the Dream.

Beauty is MBS.  Mind, Body, and Spirit.   (holistic).

MBS has not been taught accurately over the last few decades in MY humble opinion.  Oprah has left the scene.  Joel is trying to make a difference and quite frankly, World News is just scary.

I look to my Local Friends here in Louisville and in this area to make a difference in the atmosphere in these parts.  To take every walk of life and every social setting that Louisville is about and reconsider before you make a judgment or shoot down a creative idea toward ART, Talent and Inspiration.   Did you know????  Iroquois High has a FB Blog.  And yes,  I follow.  And Yes, I graduated from there and YES, they will be born again with the most awesome talent to ever come from Louisville.  The So. End Community will come alive.

I predict Beechmont will be the starting point to be the new 2015 NULU.  That Churchill Downs will become a Capital place to hang and that every person born of the 70-80’s age will take a look at the words from the Hairband songs and “Get-It”.



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