“The Battle of the Wicked Witch.”


December 25th.  Christmas.  A day of Joy and Festivities.  But it also comes with a story to create.  One that is strange to many for today.  The Battle of the Wicked Witch.  

She is quite depressed.  It creeped up very fast and unexpected.  She wants to just go and hide from everyone on the most social day of the year.  The challenge faced by the old women is real and though she thought she had conquered old ways, they are present.

Being in a social setting is like taking porcupine quills and injecting them under her skin.  She feels ugly, morbid about life.  Her privacy and sacred space has to be traded for a sacrifice on how others feel said the Great FatherSky and how she must engage with her warts.  By the time all things are considered, she will have to make a choice that can affect her world.  Politics of a sort.

But once, being a Queen of Goodness, she has learned with much reason that there are tactics that can bring about divine light to start the spark of magical change and she always longs to be what she once was.  In our human world, salt baths, meditation, prayer and use of creativity given by the universe can remedy the distaste for the day.  There are ways to release her negative ways of thinking and battle this wickedness that is carried in all of us.  She lies if she pretends it does not exist even on Christmas.  And she lies when she covers up self-preservation and she does not admit it happens to the best of the (witches once Queens’ in the land).  

Having other peoples energies present when she is suffering is a very hard thing to work around for her.  They are not able to fix her hurt feelings try as they may, so she becomes a terrible creature.  Especially when the aspect of hurting people just tend to hurt people and she is manic.  This is where the Wicked Witch lives.  She lives in a tower of retaliation and survival.  Fight or Flight they say.

But when acting on the Wicked Witch character, she decided to enter the “cross-road” that many times cannot be reversed.  Hurting words, hurting thoughts and actions are not reversible, though the Great and Morning Star does provide the forgiveness remedy, Praise.  

The ill Witch wants to live out her pain.  The hurting Witch wants to make sure isolation and self-destruction are hers to keep as a weapon.  Ironically, the weapon is hers to keep should she choose it but the cannon release, only ricochets.  

But then, in one present moment, a tale of the world changes.  The scene of each chapter is new.  Building on the chapter before.  And this Wicked Story Character is handed a magic scroll.  It says quite simply “ChooseLife”.  Love, the Ancient of Days.

So before her, the mirror shows her a reflection of not the Wicked Witch but the Queen she aspires to be.  The Queen that sits atop her kingdom sending out a Christos love that heals all hurt.  This Queen of Goodness sends out a magic that makes tiny buds grow into roses regardless of thorns.  A magic that takes some self-sacrifice and turns the land into a Holy transformation.  That makes the land a representation of Life.  Life with a Capital L.  

And even on Christmas day when the whole world goes on enjoying much, her road is chosen.  Which one?  Stick around for the next chapter of her story to see.

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