“Letter’s from Holly” Aspiration.

Dear Readers,

This post may be a little lengthy so you may not want to pull this up while driving.  It is going to address many things in my life over 41 years and discuss how I may change in spite of what I have done over time.  It is going to address childhood, marriages and work life.  Most of you have had them.  Childhood’s, Marriage’s and WorkLife.

So either move on to the next FB post or sit a spell.  Because the letters I write to you are real letters.  This Post is not always about poetry, haircuts or dreams.  It is about Me.  And my life.  I can only share so much time with those I miss but I can write insatiably to you and ask to one day remember I wrote this.  Especially if you see my name in lights.  Audrey and Marilyn made it.  So did Jordan and Versachi.  (msp)?  And so can I.

Now I am not just talking success.  I am talking about working HARD to create a positive impact on people.  I am not talking just about how we wonder how the lights get paid or how that flat tire is going to be fixed.  This I know!  God always brings the right people in your life even if you don’t always understand why?  Especially when you know you may never see them again or they bother you.  Many of you already fall in that category of knowing you may not connect with someone again.  Life is TOO Busy!

Do you call it stalking when I see your posts?  I see many people in the fast track land on FB and I miss and care about them.  I think about the GREAT conversations I had with them and as a Scorpio, I do not forget the conversations, though they may.

But, hey, you post the shit.  I mean, stuff!  (Lol). So, why can’t I take this moment in busy life to sit, light a candle and tell you what I have learned over 41 years.  41 is a weird age.  Period.

Childhood……Not bad.  I had challenges but they were nothing compared to adulthood so first and for most, if your children ever read this, tell them to be prepared.  Gear your kids in the BEST direction and find their talents.  Not what you want to see.  My childhood had a lot of moving around but I think that prepared me for being married 10 years and moving 6 times.  This last possibility is being held up by disastrous ink and toner failure.  We shall see where I go next.  My wish, not for a looong while……Next stop, Nulu.  Post, Z Grad.

Childhood gave me a sense of what mud pies tasted like and how to yell 6 houses down to my friend.  And she know who she is!  I was, yes, in love with little brother.  He ran from my 5 year old kisses.  He really ran really fast!  Kicking his legs like noodles.  Reminds me of the Love of my Life today.  What a noodle dancer.

Yes, I am divorced.  As a matter of fact, twice.  Again, I stop there.  No need to look further when you have the Best Catch of the Sea!  I love my Eddie!  Fish joke.

Marriage taught me more than any other aspect or phase of my life.  So since I married at 17 I guess that would be forever to me.  But 17, you say??  You must have children still small to understand the impact on a 17 year old leaving the nest into a world of bloody fried chicken and a fear of big bad World like none other.  I was scared and created a numbing of my spirit to reach in the darkness and look for a shining light on how to be a grown up.  Highs and Lows showed me real fast I WAS bi-polar.  Like an Alaskan Fisherman with a net from Santa to Pengu’s pole. (Disney)

“Dr. So- and So-” said he could medicate me and I took it.  For a while… until I cried and flushed it.  Well, let’s just say, chemical Meds are not my friend.  So, here is where I either piss you off or you keep reading.  I am blogging right?

I know Millions of People are on antidepressants.  They do work, you know. (I want to tell you this). They help your brain chemicals to replenish and rebalance.  Um, so does Reiki but you have to understand more on that.  So, that takes me to a past career experience.  Ka-billions in Rx spend.  Before anyone comes and sues my ass for my opinionated typing, I am still under the Bill of Rights and Amendments to say, I can speak freely a little while longer.

“If people had any idea of how much spend we are spending on medicine and broken down medical machines, we would get sick.  I am telling you.  It is disgusting”.

Which brings me to say, I miss my business minded girl friends.  Some of you love me and some of you hate me and some of you don’t know what to do with me.  That is ok, I still love you and will forever.  Because now, chances are, I may never see you again.  And if that takes place I have comfort in knowing that you are in my dreams.  Like a Nickelback song.

I want to talk about some of the people I met over 15 years as an agent.  (Secret agent? Hardly:)

I met good people who have hearts of Gold.  I met people who climbed the ladder of success with steel toed boots and those that adorned spikes.  Like Gaga spiked heels!  Now, granted, I was the queen of flight.  Girl can’t Deal with a painful decision and out the door she go.

I did, I left jobs like a phantom and I hated it.  That is where my traits of Scorp bit me right in the ass.  And, hell you say, it was only a few months back, I made grand exit- stage- left- hell-o kitty.

For this, I publicly say I am sorry and if I ever get a chance to tell you that, I will.  This is what I do believe, when I met you and our energy fields connected we either bonded or repelled.  Not everyone has an ability to deal with someone else’s energy.  It does not make you mean, crazy or inhuman.  It makes you human to know that anything you feel toward another does have affect on your energy as a person.  (I have to put that plug in).  And I am learning how to deal with someone else’s power energy.

So, onward the journey and I choose to write, get into arts (and, yes, Salon work is ART!) and change ME!  Change me and pray that my sacrifice in life expel all hurt and pain from my heart and in a magnificent way, only to show light and love to this World!

You need to know why I write Kentucky Story Crafter stories.  One, because it gets out that desire a girl has to be a fairy princess.  After looking at pics of Christmas gifts to sweet little ones, it made me realize I had so many barbie ideas in my brain-closet, I better figure out how to release it.  Do you happen to have a Mother Goose book, a Brothers Grim or a Andy Griffith story in you?  That is what I am talking about.  Barbie, COME OUT OF THE CLOSET!

Now, we have talked about Marriages, Work Life and well….Me.  What else?

Reiki.  Don’t be scared of it.  It feels good and it helps should your desire to change be there.  I cannot heal you of grave disease unless God allow but I can send you a positive energy that his historically helped others.  You either receive it or you do not.  You have to decide how you will find relaxation.  Massage feels good to the body and I adorn masseuses.  Was going be one!!!  But my old back said, “um, ya sure?”

Now, on to the new lifestyle.  My dream is to Write.  My job is to devote my skills and self into a new career which is not heavy laden on my heart but makes me happy when I go.  Neatbeat is not going to be no joke.  I see Oprah in someone’s future.  Maybe Mia! 🙂  And the grandest thing, it I can Write and Still work a career.  They are not separate.  So, try to JOURNAL!!

So what I ask of my friends who are still out there in agent clothes, to support me if I made ONE tiny little insy-binsty little impact on you as a person to help get the word out.  I would love to have thousands read these blog and never have to leave my PJ’s when I am old, just like you want to retire one day.  I want to Inspire the World.  Everyone does, right?   I want to write letters to people like we did in days of old.  How many of you have old letters from great-grandmothers who were trying to pass down tradition?  Do you cut the butt off a ham?  I want one day for you to have such as Peace and Zest for YOUR life that you would know without a doubt that Jesus MADE those boys through down the rocks and not live in ANY fear.  Jesus would have whooped up on those heads had they thrown one stone at beloved Mary M.

PUSH- Pray Until Something Happens we say.  I am doing that right now even tho…. I type.  And if you MAY even need distant Reiki, please let me know.  It cannot harm you to have prayer and energy sent your way.  This beautiful gift I have been given really does open doors to help those distantly too!  Come on!  Let’s start a FB Prayer War! 😛

And last for today, if you ever see “Letter’s From Holly” in the blog.  Know it may just be a fairy tale about you “Ariel”.  Either love it, or block it.  You have the controls. 🙂



*Disclaimer- The content in this blog may or may not be fictional. All rights to my blog are listed in some funky language we normal people cannot read!  Baahaahaahaa!

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