Happy New Year- What Will 2014 Bring?

That is the looming question? What will my New Year bring?

Well, the answer really is another question, ‘What do you want?”

I would like to see dreams and hopes for a brighter future for everyone more than anything.
I would like to enjoy a feeling of knowing peoples prayers and intentions are being answered and that success is not measured by your wallet, shoe collection or losses.

Specifically, I would like to see the Positive Impact on People grow drastically in our Neatbeat Salon!

For my surrounding time in 2014 there is a HOPE and a Vision that has been manifested by a 26 year old women which has become contagious! I know I WILL see ideas birthed and manifested from this vision spark into great things.

Now, granted, keeping up with three “20 something” women this quarter is going to give me quite the run for my money since I have toppled the 40 mark. Barely mind you and yes, I still have It. (Whatever it is! LOL!). So how do I do it?????

10 Resolves……

1.) Cry and forgive myself for all the things I have held over my own head.
2.) Enjoy less Wine but yet fine wine in due time! Celebrate properly just like obeying DD laws. Use wisdom when consuming. Consuming anything for that matter, like food, or unhealthy thoughts or doubts even. STAY HEALTHY!!!
3.) Wake up with Courage and Leadership as my morning badge. Heck, I surely have something to offer these girls with 20 years their senior, right? Like maybe “Wind beneath their beautiful wings” or even a strong shoulder to “Lean On Me” on days which sales goals are not met. Deflect any discouragement!! The next day could surpass expectations!!
4). Remind them, tomorrow is not promised but if we do get tomorrow, it gives us a clean slate to set new goals and then review why we did not meet the day before. Evaluate, correct and move on. I hope to Lead us toward hopefulness and lead us toward truth in what success means.
5.) Sacrifice. Ouch…………but as the bible reminds us… I have tasted some of the finest things, been a part of really cool things in life and yet to live with a humble heart, will provide us a reward so great that even others will benefit. Even those who currently have no idea they will be a factor of this success!!!!
6). Take help when it is offered since I know that I can pay that forward!
7.) DIG! Dig out resources and opportunities that others are leaving behind.
8.) Use WORDS to create life in circumstances, just as God used His WORDS to create the universe. If I am created in His image, then by golly-gee that means I can create positive affects just by what I say. That is true magic!
9.) Ebb and Flow as needed. If I am asked to do as little of a task to sweep the floor, or as large a task as to write a letter to Oprah or even Forbes Mag, to just offer my services to these ladies, and Rock on!! (My prediction, Mia will be a guest on Oprah one day. “Oprah is not one TV anymore you say?”…………well, I am asking that if it be God’s will, that she return. She has a Positive voice of influence regardless of your opinion of her, and I think that over all, she has done great things and provided great experiences for millions of people). I am not sure why she retired so early but I am asking her to come back out! Mia and Heather have something in common with her. We would like to discuss it with her…. 🙂
10.) And like a bad Letterman show, my number 10! Write my manuscripts. I have stories inside of me. Big ones. Fictions, Memoirs, Real People Advice, Encouragement and just plain funny things to share with you all. As the Movie Stranger Than Fiction implies, you are either in a Comedy or a Tragedy and like any Gilda Radner fan, I choose Comedy. ROFL………
Laughter is the Best Medicine when you feel icky!

Blessings to your New Year……!

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