Anne Lamott- “Bird By Bird”

Good Morning. It has been a busy ten days of the new year. I have enjoyed my working hours at the Salon quite extensively. However, I do miss writing and reading for enjoyment. So….. with only a few moment this morning to spare (and yes, on The Capital John), I cracked open “Bird by Bird” book to listen to Anne’s view and encouraging words about becoming a writer.

What I love most is that I can write for a few minutes here and there and relieve my obsessive needs to do so while concentrating on other important places in my life. Creative thinking comes within any outlet if you will honor it and I even honor it on the pot.

In Anne’s introduction, of which I got through maybe 2 pages before I jumped up to get more coffee, check the timeframe for readying for my day, she made a profound statement. Without quoting it, was something to the affect that YOU tell your story of YOUR day as YOU see it and I will tell you my story as I see it.

As I see it, the only way to become a writer is to write. (Or in our new world ways, type and/or write it.) I prefer the ink pen but the best way to track my thoughts are going to be through the outlets of my blogs God willing and the WiFi don’t collapse. Until the days I become old and retired I would only dream to pull out stacks of mislabeled journals to compile something of which could be published.

So let’s get down to it. I am here to inspire you!!! And what I find most intriguing is the audience for inspiration may very well NOT be those of whom I have been closest to for over 41 years. Like Jesus, who was not so accepted in his hometown, my virtual world of friends, may not be my biggest fans. And hey, I am totally cool with that!! Social Media Home Pages become watered down when you see someone posting every single day of which you may have no interest.

What I find quite “Neat” is who IS gaining positive feedback. There are a few of you out there which know that Inspiration and Powerful Positive Thinking, will impact the world like a butterfly affect. It is growing, fluttering and moving about in a steady increase of warm and glowing emotion. I am stoked to be surrounding myself with dreamers of which know no limits on finding their dreams and refreshing their goals every day.

What makes my imaginative writing even more “hip and intriguing” is that when you read any author’s story, you have to visualize the author, the story they are crafting and the setting in place and either you love it or you trance out. And pardon my slang but, duh, that is what makes writing so fantastically so! Intriguing, that is……

In closing this morning, I close my blog due to time limits abounding. But I can have the confidence in knowing, I am closing this blog, can go out into the World and SURROUND myself with awesome people such as yourself, and really, really, be ME. And I can come back to ME and find me here and live in action, writing…….
I am Holly Goodyear. This blog is titled as such.

Enjoy this day with whomever you are in the presence of. It is the world as you see it. Make the most of it.


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