Blog For Mental Health 2014

A very important new blogger friend in my life recommends this blog for the mind.

And I take the recommendation very seriously but not like serious so to be all judgment of myself.  Serious as in I seriously get this!  🙂 May my Blogging continue to provide my mind a creative outlet just as strongly as the days of ink and quill….! (of which I miss). I am a bit techy challenged and I may need to work on my blog acknowledgments to ensure that I recommend this page properly and provide you the proper link in case you dedicate yourself to join the Mental Mind blog roll.

And after the dreams I have had this week (especially like three hours ago) and the thoughts I have shared with my beloved husband this morning about the deepest things of my mind, known that I am on the right path for my mental health, by writing and blogging about my thoughts, and it is better than any therapy could be in my case.

My dreams today were so vivid and apocalyptic, you would think one would be scared.  I will share more details on my Kentucky Story Crafter blog over time, but I am trying to get a grasp of my dream journal and the intensity and curiosity of my life it brings to me.  As I rewound the reel of this dream movie in my mind, it only caused me to be that much more determined to use my mind for it’s divine purpose.  To THINK and Write!  To understand and gain Wisdom as a walking, talking, dancing, prancing person and exude a happiness which cannot be extinguished by men.  ( and I don’t mean men like as in gender differences.  I mean mankind).

It took me about 10 minutes after waking from tonight’s dream and as I looked around the room, anything that was silver or metal, seemed more shiny.  It stood out in the dark room like an illumination.   I am sure many modern day physicians would put a “tag” on this awake experience but I cannot for the life of me do so.  I only know what I saw and I was wide awake reviewing my sleeping “movie-like” encounter.

Sparkles of light were very shiny in my room.  Metals on the doorframe were shining in the dark and the glow of the silvery moon, which upon waking had just kissed the morning horizon line, made everything look, well….magical.

Is this a bout of insanity?  I think not.  I have been having many many apocalyptic dreams this new year and it is only the 12th day.  Mind you, I do not fear this.  I only reverence that substantial change is in process for my life and there truly is a painful letting go of aspects of my self which I held on dear to such as stubborn-pridefulness, my addictive qualities toward over consumption of “things” and an octainnian amount of anger toward myself for past choices which would have appeared to others to be “messes” or “screw ups.”

And furthermore, I blog to find my mental happiness so this is perfect.

When I can write a story going on in my head either of my real daily events or fictional imaginations of my lives either lived or not yet lived, I am released from captivity.  Some people call those of us which have a constant conversation in our mind, as crazy.  (ADD, ADHD, Schizo, Unbalanced, Annoying, Mental Cases or even Basket Cases).  I call us Creative Cases.  Cases and Cases of stories and thoughts which energetically need to be released and charged in a different way.  Like Ionic spiritual files or something.  (askashic maybe?)

But you know what?  I have a sneakin’ suspicion that more and more spiritual encounters are occurring in every day average Joes’ lives so I am truly not being judged at all like I think I am being judged by some political being that really does not even exist.

Let me get real with you.  In my infancy days of becoming a follower of Christ, I got some serious smack downs.  I knew that I had a power growing in me which was not at all of the physical world and I wanted to know what this was.  But since I had not put my time into the trenches toward service per man’s rules, I was not considered anointed or of any quality and especially not to be considered a leader.  I had to be put on a waiting list to be considered “called of God”.  Like a kindergarden kid who had 12 years of grooling-schooling to even yet to be given a diploma to stand affront a crowd to give good tidings of joy.  I had to be trusted, evaluated and re-groomed over and over until I fit the mold and then, maybe then, I could address a congregation to speak about what God had done for me.  My clothes, my shoes, my speech needed to be cutter form.  However, being scorpionic I could not accept this standard of schooling.  I still can’t.

Here in lies the bigger problem.  My appreciation for all cultural, socio-economical status, black, white, green, human, spirit persona and yes, even gay people to be viewed as a free willing agent atop this planet JUST causes controversy.  OMG!  CON-TRO-VERSY!  Hey, I am not the judge and jury and it is now time to get it off my chest.  Inside of every creature is the Spirit of God.  Even if you are a non-believer, you still contain that scientific compilation of creation.  You are here right?  And being created by the dynamics of which we “tag” all kinds of terms, just means  to me that you are beautiful.  Period!  A Beautiful Creature so note to self.  (“Holly- STOP BEING SO DAMN JUDGMENTAL OF YOURSELF”!)

I am grateful for a community which blogs to be blogging and understand the BIG relief in doing so.  I have found a support group of which I can relate.  I can be HAPPY.  See Holly Smile!

Happy Me!

6 thoughts on “Blog For Mental Health 2014

  1. Hello Holly!

    First off, thank you so very much for sharing the Blog For Mental Health campaign and helping raise awareness. The parts of your story I’ve read here are very interesting and inspiring, and I’m so happy to have an opportunity for learning about you.

    If you would like to share your story with an official pledge post, I would be more than happy to walk you through all of the pieces and parts and help to get you set.

    Please email me at I can help you sort out the basic technical kind of blogging stuff for a pledge post.

    No pressure intended, of course. You just have an amazing voice, and I would love to be able to add it to the rest of those involved with Blog For Mental Health 2014.

    Thank you again for the share, and please do let me know if you’d like to be included.


  2. Holly, you are beautiful, inside and out! I am privileged to be getting to know you here in “bloggie-land.” I hope that you will write about your apocalyptic dreams. My own religious tradition tells us that in this and the coming generations, the prophesies will continue to come true (the war of Gog and Magog is already underway in the Middle East), and as the Messianic Age is ushered in, things will get more and more intense, like a whirling vortex sucking us all in. I’m glad you are of the enlightened who KNOW that we are all Children of G-d. Much love to you, Holly, and please keep sharing your light.

    1. Again and again I say to you Dr. Laura, your words saved me on a very pivotal day when I wondered I even existed and was in a place of pity upon myself. In no way do I believe in coincidence. I will learn a mountain of knowledge from you and the people of which I have fallen deeply in love with. I lean on my thinking of Queen Ester as an icon for my existence and invasion her with me in many of my dreams. I honor her and what she has done for us all. May I be a blessing back to you and to many others just in faith that we are united as one people. So fun and so exciting.


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