Random Chances-This Picture Popped Up As a Suggestion for Inspiration Today When I Opened My Blog Spot.

Italo Calvino said: The more enlightened our houses are, the more their walls ooze ghosts. Describe the ghosts that live in this house: Image credit: “love Don’t live here anymore…” – © 2009 Robb North – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic

This link just popped up for me this morning as a suggested “inspiration” and it is quite fitting.  It says to describe the ghosts that live in this house. Well, better yet, let’s talk about the ghosts which live in all our lives. (skeletons, devils, demons, yada-yada.) It is no secret that my husband has the supernatural ability to experience past loved ones energies and most of you know this by now.  If you do not, well, it is now public so if there are any stones to throw please make sure they have been mined from mountains of gold so I can recoup the blessing from any violent aim.   It has taken me several years to accept this as “ok” due to my strict upbringing in the modern day church.  But as time passed along for us and many validations of this were proven truth, not only to others, but in my own ancestry, I am now able to accept this and not feel like we will die a fiery death for some act of witchcraft.  There will be those of you who will disagree but if you’d like, I can send you a mountain of ancient texts which show you that this is something which just happens to people at times and you can either use it as a manipulation (evil ways) or you can take the stance that our loved ones are with us even upon passing and have comfort in believing this.  It is no different than when we talk to our moms, dads, spouses and children after they cross over and really sensing them with us and how much love they send from their transformed state. Call it what you will.

Now, hear this.  I do not see spirits but I sense and feel energy in a very strong way.  Not all energy comes in the form of a human spirit being.  But when they do, I will let “Radar Ed” take the stage.  I am still learning what energy is I am thinking and there are many definitions for it.  The great news is that I am so sensitive any more to energy, I can almost taste it and work with it.  And RARELY, do I feel a “demonic” energy, almost never.  I pray I don’t anytime soon sense one and just because I can doesn’t mean I want to.  I think when we think about working with energy, we tag a falsehood on it to say, it opens doors for “the devil”.  Hey, only if you WILL it.  I do not.  Ok, enough preaching……..I don’t want to tick you off……..

We all know that energy is measured in frequency, waves, speed, etc…..  But before I go further, I am not going to give you some science class on frequencies in this post.  You can ooo-gle and google that all you want.  I am going to write about imagination. (Brain Activity). I am going to belabor this point over the next few years of my life.  Because with my understanding of frequency it creates imagination, with imagination comes creativity and with creativity comes manifestation and with manifestation comes further belief and with further belief comes action and with action comes, well, acts of…….( now, you fill in the blank!).

In my day to day desires for my own life I have a new path that I, yes I, am setting in motion.  It has been like plowing nutricous dirt in a big field in my mind and although I have not yet purchased all the “seeds” for which I will plant, I do know I have been given a life to cultivate.  Hence, writing and blogging and reading about doing so, is what I desire as my newfound chosen outlet, in order to be the best I can be at work, at home with my family, and at the grocery when I am always, ALWAYS, messing up the cashier and they drop my change every time I hold a transaction.  I am not kidding.  Ask Ed.  We laugh so hard because if I go to Hiene Bros, Kroger, where-ever, when I hand the clerk my money (if it is cash), they always drop it.  I guess that is some type of electrical frequency between my high energetic being and parting with money or something?????  Or, I just am so “freaking” nice to people at the check out that it catches them off guard and they, well, stumble on it and drop my money.  How about them apples????

You can be extremely nice to people in the most mundane areas of life and throw someone off.  Good!  I hope they drop my money from here on out as long as their brain frequency is registering that I was kind and upbeat and positive around them and even if they hate their job.

In the book I am reading on the pot each morning for about 8.2 seconds, Anne Lamott quoted this sentence to me today in “Bird by Bird”.-“Everyone is walking around as an advertisement for who he or she is.-so who are you?”

Yup, that is why I do it.  That is why I write and decompress from all the MAJOR stress in my life.  Don’t dare think for a moment our family is not subject to trials.  We have one RIGHT NOW IN OUR LAPS that is one of the biggest trials we have seen in 10.5 years of marriage.  And in it, I choose to take my time to write.

So in conclusion, what I see in the picture above is everything!  A roof, a frame, grassy vegetation, a place to cultivate again and plow a field for growth.  A history waiting to be written again.  A chance for a new beginning.  Hell, even if you mowed the grass and house down in this picture, you can still see that the sun is shining on those empty bones so what ever is built there will be shined upon.  And that to me, my friend, is hope.



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