“Now, Let’s Talk”.

Weeds. Wildflowers actually.

After many, many consistent nights of disturbing dreams for weeks upon weeks, here is the beauty I will share………

Wildflowers in the winter and even late summer, look like weeds.

So, let’s talk about why I write stories and why they may seem a bit “stephen kingish” at times.

Because, our mind has to “daily” walk though a bombardment of images which may very well be signs to us, to bring us up higher. To a higher consciousness of what is going on around us. Awareness, really, is my point here…..

Dreams are a universal language and when you have a consistent message of apocalyptic events before you, you can certainly learn much as a person.

When you truly break down the aspect of dreams, it is that YOU need to go within to what your Spirit Man and Soul are saying to YOU (or me, in this case).

The dream, is always about the dreamer.
And scary things, are not always so, but can be if you allow the fear to come in and sit a spell. Dis-spell fear as soon as it knocks on your hearts door. You have the POWER IN CHRIST.

Some people are turned off by anything which is considered a dreadful story, especially by such a happy person on the outside, but yet don’t judge.
We, Americans, will flood our theaters to see things like “The Shining, Insidious or World War Z” in a hot minute. We must admit the theatrical productions with Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt are exciting and captivating on screen.

But when the screenplay story lines are in actions in your own coveted “sleeping hours” and you are the “role” in a cast of victims, villains or avengers, you can get quite rattled.

I think it goes without saying that everyone, no exemptions, has been authorized as “the responsible parties” not only for how we treat others, but how we allow ourselves to treat our SELVES.

Our stack of growing political responsibilities have become a dramatization of greed and of lack.

We have and we want. We don’t have and we don’t want. We don’t have and we do want.

Then we perceive our garden, OUR GARDEN, as a bunch of uncultivated messes’, when our gardens don’t grow. How does your garden grow Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary? Silver Bells and Cockle Shells, and Pretty Maids, all in a row?

Not without pruning and plucking those weeds. However, I ask you too look closer.

Wildflowers in dormancy look like weeds. They are not, or are they? Any one a horticulturist?

And in Mid-Summer when all is balanced, wildflowers hold the greatest of beauty. Wildflower gardens are usually designed with very small flowers of many colors and are strong and intricate.
As Summer wanes, wildflowers drop their little seeds which go into the dark, cold ground for next growing season, and they get a bit “weedy” and ugly. Hummmm?

So, in concluding my blog today, to tell you all who DO dare to read my dark dream stories and satire about THE End, know that right now, I sit in my bedroom, watching the sunrise over the leafless trees and I see a PEEK, A HINT, of sunrise starting to color the sky. My coffee cup is mostly cold and empty but I am blessed with a loving companion aside me, who will eventually fill it. 🙂
Edward, my love, knowing I write to share my heart with the world, supports me in everything I do.
He too, helps me to decide what is a weed and what is a wildflower in my own cray-cray life, as I do him.

Think of me not as a contrary, think of me as a story crafter in my garden of “we-eden”.

I am blessed. And whether you know me or not, I send you blessings amidst a very critical time for our families. Enjoy the Fairy Tales I write, because I am sure, that there is a Happily Ever After.


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