In the Arms of an Angel- Sara McLauchlan


This morning my husband and I were looking out the bedroom window having our cup of coffee in bed.  The window is frosted with condensation and sorely inefficient but it at least provides us some warmth and safety from the cold icy day out side.  The morning sun comes up right in line with our window as small as it is and it is a lovely site.  

The Song by Sara McLachlan came on, “In the Arms of an Angel” and we both stopped and silently looked out our window of stillness without a word to speak, leaning on one another.  We listened to the whole song.  The Sun is beautiful coming up over the horizon and with the ice covered white frozen trees, the icicle on the trees shone just a tiny hit of pink, like a prism.  

I long for the warmth of the sun of spring to lay ever so gently on my face but right now, our city is a frozen Popsicle and I know there are so many who are ready for spring.  But I must say in that one silent moment in time, just listening to Sarah sing about being in a silent revelry, it allowed me to appreciate and have gratitude for the moment I was present in.  Truly, I am grateful.  

So many changes have and are coming our way but I KNOW that I KNOW, God will bless us if we stay on the path of gratefulness.  I know I write a lot and talk even more, and laugh much in my public life but I really REALLY enjoy the moment of silence which allows me to cry salty tears and enjoy the love that is stirring in my heart for the future, however blind I am to how it will play out.  

I am learning to believe in myself more and more each day.  I am learning to listen to those close around me and truly understand that they too, have a pathway they are cultivating and that I do not see them in their silent revelry.  We are plucked out of the silence each day with added responsibilities and as people, we do need to set our priorities so we are productive and useful to ourselves, our family and our Creator.  Being useful is not a bad term, but it is a great thing!   We slight ourselves by saying, “I will not be used.”  Abused, no, but to be used…….Ah…..used up and poured out so we can fill up again.  Filled up with sights such as a beautiful frozen morning sunrise amidst ice so thick and cold, that it causes our trees to bend and even break.  BUT, the power of the frozen stare into space, triggers our mind, to think harder about who and what we are.  We are resilient humans.  We are tenacious beings.  And we are loving people.  AND….we are surrounded by Angels who hold us in times of fear and trouble and then show us the lit pathway of love so that we may keep pressing on.



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