“Catch the Wave”

Remember the slogan for Pepsi?  “Catch the Wave”.  It was catch but not all that impactful.  What does that have to do with what I am about to write?  Nothing.

I blog because I am.  Sitting down and truly sharing thoughts which run in dancing circle in my mind is medicine.  Medicine for me as a being.  I admit with the strangest of terms that I am always thinking.  I have quiet time and then the mind races right to the thinking of why and I here?  What is my purpose? And then the mind races to “OMG! I have so much to do, say, see, write”, and on and on the story goes.  But when the affect of too much thinking makes you sick in your head, you have to S-T-O-P.  And if you do not stop to regain composure, you will become……ready? VOLATILE.  Yuk!

A Scorpio with a volatile mind.  Um, move out of the way.  And granted, Scorpio is the most intense, passionate and energetic person you will ever meet.  Loyalty is a key component of this beautiful dancer of life but it is also can be to the demise of one who takes the cares of the whole world on their shoulders and never retracts enough to refill with alone quite time and spiritual contemplation.  KABOOM says the brain and then like a Stephen King film, explosive matter and worms come pouring out with purple ooze.  (You know, pretend like.)

There is light however in this tunnel.  The depth of the love for others and their beauty and intrigue about creation reminds them that it was Christ’s Love which covered the sin of insanity and false responsibility amound dark feels of being unloved, afraid and unworthy.  Yup, Worthiness.  It’s a big thing.  The crescendo’s of life experience can be magnified and heard loud and clear in God’s light and love when you ADMIT, your overwhelmed, self mutilating and just plain, obsessed with life, then, it gets mentally much easier.

If you put too much pressure on doing it (life) perfectly, you will become Volatile, so DON’T!  Word to the wise that is all.

I write/blog/think because I am.  And, I like Mozart, who was a Scorpio I think.  Do we have any Scorpio AA support groups in NuLu?  LOL!  That is all.




4 thoughts on ““Catch the Wave”

    1. HI Laura! Guilty as charged. The 8th house of death and regeneration. Deep and Wild! I pray you are well and I know you are going thru it. Just keep going thru. I know you have the will and the determination to do so. Stay in touch. I pray your father spends time resting and dreaming of greater days in his future on the side of great love. We shall all go one day. Spend time laughing with him. It is the best med. (Although a xanax from time to time does wonders.) 🙂

      1. That means more to mean Laura, than all the money in the world. I do like money, tho! 🙂 Let’s cheer each other on. Maybe somewhere in life we will meet. If not now, in our next destiny. Stay strong. Dig into the deep and listen to your heart. Happiness is a price and we pay an awful lot for it. Let’s blog it out, because we are bloggers! LOL! 🙂

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