Grab your Drink!


Well, here I am.  Tired, booty hurts, feet hurt and my eyes are dried out like glass marbles.  But, I am going to tell you something.  Something that you may not want to hear but when I am done…….oh boy.  You will like it!!!!!

I have been in a hard lesson today.  Then to figure 41 years of lesson after lesson after lesson.  Ugh.

Life lessons can be the most intriguing thing.  God imparts your way people, places and things (stuff) to grab your attention or illuminate you to the hard knocks fact and say you are “My Creation and I must mold you!” and then He puts people, places and things in your way to show you orchestrated connections while you are here.  

I mean, do you not listen to music like Hillsong, Kari Jobe or Sting?  U2, Garth Brooks, Pat Benetar or Liberachi, for inspiration?  (However the heck you spell his name?)  And so there is Music.  A Lesson.  Takes us to another Divine place.   It speaks to us and everyone loves to connect through Music.  EVERYONE!!  It makes us go into deeper thinking.  And being the good ol’ Scorp that I am…….Life Lessons continue to run on and on and I let them continue…….

I have found no matter your age, your race, your religion, that people who seek that deeper question, to know why they are here all the time, have guts!  The most pressed question I have seen or heard over and over is….”Why am I here?”

As a control freak, I keep staying it and thinking about it and analyzing it and trying to be so perfect in it so when I cross into my new spirit body and I am done with my race on earth, I will get a cracker jack prize for being the best teacher of stuff, hands down.  HARDLY!!!

I am here, now, in 2014 and no matter what happens to my body, mind or soul in the next bout of time and dag gummit, I want to be HAPPY and not care so much about what I think others think about me!!!!!!  I want to be Happy in the day, Happy in the Night, Happy and not fight!  la-la-la……  Not with any one.  I want to execute a peaceful and joyous day no matter where I am.  And I have to quiet the madness by not worrying about having approval from others.  (Like sick twisted approval!!).  Am I nuts, or do you sit in your spoils each morning at work and think up this stuff too?

Heck, when I am poor I can truly find ways to creatively be happy, period.  When I am rich I can certainly share wealth a little here or there since there are people in need all around me but you don’t have to give until you can’t pay your way either then realize you B broke!  I love the Pay It Forward concept more than anything since it shows us that smiles and surprises’ still exist.  However, that leads me back to my initial topic about life being a series of lessons.  

This Law of Attraction, a set of lessons designed to place the universal energies around us in laymen’s terms so we can “see clearly” that if I pull out in front of a moving semi, I am sure I am going to see my backside real quick!  Or, if I look down the sprayer hose and turn on the sink, I am for real gonna get soaked!  (Done it!! LOL!)  

So, where in our teaching/learning brain did we stop calling cause and effect The Law of Attraction?  Ain’t that what it is?  If we surely taught our kids that the stove is hot, and if they touch it, expect a burn.  But however, NOPE, we really don’t quite get in our kids faces, EYE to EYE, and say plainly, “We need to teach you out of love not meanness that you should listen to us”.  Parents love their kids, right?

So, when you read my blog, what does it make you think about?  Do you have a situation at work?  How about at home?  Where are you spending most of your time creating yourself a return on your current life investment or just BMC?

Right now, my big lesson in my life is to do with less.  Yes, much less!  But in having less right now as a consumer, I am getting more!  Much, much more.  Humbleness.  Prudence.  Consciousness.  Awareness.   Want some??

With these things replacing many of my lost of material possessions, God also gave me new friends and co-workers to help ease the transitions in my life.  God has provided for me true friends who have stood the test of time with the utmost patience, loyalty and sound love and of those friends, a few remind me that to please others, I must first please my self though Spiritual growth.  

Trust me, when someone half your age and twice your IQ gives you advice such as to work on self enrichment, you listen!  There are only rare occasions when we see the 20 somethings, wanting to give back a dynasty of wealth before making that first thousand.  Those Kids really are out there.  Growing and Planning for our Future!

As a teacher, you always want to hand out lessons to your students so you can then sit with your pretty little nose up in the air and stealthily look between your two eyes, to piercingly seek for approval, that someone in you class learned a lesson you gave them.  

The greatest of compliments come from students who have left your nest and then come back to say a big “Thank You”  for something you taught them.  But I really like it when we can say to the student who taught us more than any Brittanic copywriter would have provided to us, “You have come into my life for a purpose, and that is to teach the teacher to teach.”   Full circle, running over and coming back to refuel again, another generation for growth.  (8th house)

And this brings me to my last lesson today, March 6, 2014.  I sit in my room obsessing on who is listening out there?  I write and blog and work and live my heart out.  I really do!!  I expend mass quantities of energy toward creative thought on how that one women could truly make a difference which would go the way of the three dubs so that she could sit back one day and say “My oh my.  My Direct interactions of Bloggy Contemplation actually went viral and became contagious and someone had to balls to respond.  How ’bout that?”.  

Have I arrived then?  Probably not since by the time I am famous and I am able to reach Oprah to tell her how much we all love her and her inspiring passion to do things that others dared not to do, I might be really old.   But I have a sneaking suspicion there is someone, somewhere over the rainbow watching and reading, thinking that this bitch has tenacity and why not accelerate her blog to prime status?

So grab your drink, fire up the forward button, and pass my thoughts here on!  There has got to be one person out there struggling with too many thoughts in their mind and not anywhere to put them.  I can help!  It starts with enjoying your every day life!  Subscribe and Clap Along………


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