Saturday Fever!


I got the fever this morn.  The fever to be PRESENT and have sharp, clear, mindful thoughts so I can be dynamic and successful.  Do you know how hard that is to write when your body has not woke up yet and I am only on my third sip of coffee and I have to be at work soon???

But as I say, I blog because I am!  Writing out to everyone to say, YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO GIVES YOU STRENGTH! Especially in your thinking!  My eyeballs are squishy and full of crusty boogs right now but I dare to say, I can sent out the greatest positive energy your way today and pray deeply that you find a special moment this Saturday Morning.  Find yourself having fever for fervor!  Find yourself seeking out a magical experience today in the PRESENT moment.  And find yourself, directing your thoughts to be positive even while we age, mumble and grumble about life and have to do things less than desirable.  It is amazing how much easier mundane stuff can be when we whistle while we work!  Find a funny joke or little song to inspire you!

Life is just AWESOME!  Take this advice for good Medicine!


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