True Story. March Madness in A Wine Shop.

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Yesterday, I left work with some time to spare.  So I decided to do the unspeakable.  Window shop for wine.  

More like “Shop and Drop” since I know that once I step foot in the World Market Wine store, the captivation of the atmosphere will have me lining up the bottles in the creases of my arms just dreaming about the day I can uncork the delicately chosen bottles.  

The labels always tell some type of story.  The regions which the wines are created always have characteristics which remind me of astrological aspects of existence.  At times, wine can be “complex or full” in it’s presentation.  And other times, wine can be crisp like the sweet drench of an apple once bitten. The juiciness of the nectar slipping down one’s chin.  Always a moment in the present to enjoy and relish.

But not this time did I expect…

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