Stand Up Comedy?

Welp.  Tonight I did it!  I dragged my bestie into the comedy club (aka the Laughing Derby) with every intention on taking my soccer mom look and doing a gig in the Highlands.  Yup, someone said there was an open mic.  When I got there and parked I saw an acquaintance (which shall name nameless) and I slid down in the seat in fear that I could not do this crazy thing so I made my self invisible in the drivers seat until he walked away.  

I cased the area for a 15 minute ’bout then called my best friend to see where she was and if she wanted to JUST call it off.  

That girl’s die hard resilience in being coerced into an asinine mission just convinced me that if she was there supporting me, I could do anything so I got BACK out of the car.  And that if I sucked horribly for the 3 minute moment of fame, she would hug me and send me home in shambles.  

But, that did not happen.  Actually, I never made it to the stage.  As I walked into the doors (a second time since the first time I ran in to see if there were any monsters in the dark basement of the building that would eat me in the dark club…..but “Noooooo”……) and I got in TOO LATE TO sign up.  (This week anyway.)  

So we grabbed a small thirst quencher and away we went to the isolated corner of the room to see what the heck comedy was supposed to look like on stage.  We sat shocked at some of the material since there was ALOT of racial and painful things said but I know it was supposed to be in good fun.  However, growing up on Taylor Blvd. it was like a pink elephant in the room that I was white and a nerd. I was not favored by the black girls and they picked on me horribly when I was a kid.  I still to this day don’t get it and I will be careful not to offend someone because of it.  I LOVE MY Human Partners in life and I could give a crap on what color you may be albeit the stand up routines tend to lean toward it but I get the differences in culture and they (injuctices) just exist.  PERIOD!  I love my brothers and sisters of all race, shape and size.  And especially those of another religious creed where I can learn from them and be more and more loving of mankind and accepting of many ways that people worship God……  I am no judge.  If a belly laugh comes to someone after poking fun of my childhood/early teen addictions to ho hos and pot infatuation, then fine.  Laugh away…….!

But tonight, Oh BOY, did it make me want to do comedy even more.  I have been on a quest for Gilda’s Club this month to set up a fund raiser to shave my big fat head!  Gilda, and Pryor, and Bill Cosby, Gene Wilder and classically comedians like Lucy and Ethel and whoever you want to categorize in that click, are dynamic.  And really, so were these cats on stage tonight.  Even though some of the material made me feel “uncomfortable” I DO get that people are trying to deal with tragedy with comedy and sometimes in there own way.

Well, then so can I.  I can play the role of housewife, salon groupie, mother of two, business minded, deep thinking, history loving, and Christ following woman who practices a little ancient magic from time to time and allow myself to watch lunacy in our species ebb and flow or rise and fall. 

All of life is a stage and when you come out of a comedy show laughing with your best friend so hard that you pee your pants, you know the spontaneous insanity to do something like this was worth the risk.  Everyone did a great job tonight and the ba//s it takes to do something like that are big and extreme.  I hope I can be half as brave as those guys.  (And the one gal with the blue spiked hair).

If I can be so brave, then next week I may get in the sign up line a few moments beforehand to commit to standing up and drenching a 30 life audience with raw comedy, of which I have no freaking script.  Or I may fall flat on my face like a B-Flat note in the grand concerto of life and be watching walking out of the comedy club laughing their butt off on how horrible I was.  Or, just maybe not:)


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