What the Heck is CV???????? By Me, Holly Goodyear



Per Wikipedia 2014…...In the United Kingdom, most Commonwealth countries, and Ireland, a CV is short (usually a maximum of two sides of A4 paper), and therefore contains only a summary of the job seeker’s employment history, qualifications and some personal information. It is often updated to change the emphasis of the information according to the particular position for which the job seeker is applying.[1] Many CVs contain keywords that potential employers might pick up on and display the content in the most flattering manner, brushing over information like poor grades.[1] A CV can also be extended to include an extra page for the job-seeker’s publications if these are important for the job.
In the United States a CV is used in academic circles and medical careers as a “replacement” for a résumé and is far more comprehensive; the term résumé is used for most recruitment campaigns. A CV elaborates on education, publications, and other achievements to a greater degree than a résumé, but it is often expected that professionals use a short CV that highlights the current focus of their academic lives and not necessarily their full history.

So, ok.  I do not even know how I stumbled on this BUT, I was truly trying to take some MUCH needed quiet time in my robe and in my bed by writing this Friday morning.   I love my life, my adventures and my daily dose of living and what I learn about MYSELF every day inward and outward.  (Much to the pain of soul searching A LOT and working on my self enrichment!)……..But I am still stirred in my soul and troubled!!!!

Upon doing my personal web search about what ever it was I was searching for, this “CV” (no, not a disease), just jumped at me.  CV is but a term used in European areas to describe what you will show to an employer about yourself when job seeking.  A resume of sorts. (minus the honey-hyphen thingy on the word R-E-S-U-M-E.)

Do you know what I thought CV may have been?  CORE VALUES!!  Imagine, I thought maybe, just, maybe when I searched this Acronym, I stumbled on something that our motherland wanted to show us about career and that we were coming back to some coined phrase of CV?  Core Values.

Then, it really hit me.  “If the resume (sub-thingy) really went into a person’s core values and YOU , Mr. Employer, were seeking out LOYAL, hardworking, committed employees, so your a.) turn-over rate would lower, b.) the stress rate for your employees could lower, and c.) your stress rate could lower as well, then would you NOT be most interested in a job seekers CORE Values and not just viewing them as subterreanean????

You can take curriculum vitae at’ nauseum all day long but can you stop long enough for one minute and look to hire people with some CV.  But keep in mind what you will get is a Loyal, dedicated and trustworthy person in most cases so be SURE you are ready to treat those employees with the same respect albeit’ it has been a hard road for you as well, in finding good dedicated employees so I understand your HR challenges and why you may be “rough” in business.

So out of respect, I say, unapologetically, that I understand an Entrepreneur in bloom and/or a multi-million dollar corporation, does not want to get too deep in the employees’ personal lives but would you not be a thousand times more prosperous if you hired people with some CV and reciprocated on caring about their values?



Holly Goodyear

Salon Manager


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